Portland Trail Blazers: NBA 2K20 is sleeping on Anfernee Simons

Portland Trail Blazers - Anfernee Simons (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images)
Portland Trail Blazers - Anfernee Simons (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Despite the huge strides Anfernee Simons has made with the Portland Trail Blazers, he hasn’t yet received the love he deserves from NBA 2K.

Anfernee Simons has had no shortage of detractors thus far in his short NBA career. Leaping over every hurdle and obstacle, Simons has found a way to make a name for himself in the league even with very little playing time.  Despite this, the NBA 2K video game franchise doesn’t seem quiet as enamored with the young guard as the Portland Trail Blazers fan base.

Simons received a 69 overall rating in last year’s edition of the famous basketball simulator game, and many expected a big jump in this year’s ratings. Rip City Project even took to projecting each player’s rating in 2K20, assuming Simons would receive at least a 73 overall or higher this time around.

Unfortunately, the folks at 2K must not have been watching Simons tear his way through the Las Vegas Summer League en route to a All-Summer League Second Team nomination, because they assigned him a 72 overall rating for 2K20.

For context, Simons was selected at No. 24 in the 2018 NBA Draft, just one spot below the Indiana Pacers’ rookie guard Aaron Holiday. Regardless, Simons received a 69 rating, while Holiday scored a 73. The same rating Simons earned this year. Even though Anfernee has displayed much more potential to be an elite player in the NBA thus far.

Furthermore, Grayson Allen received the same rating as Simons as a rookie. He has thus far been a bust and even worse, a loose cannon on the court.

I don’t think any Blazers fan could genuinely argue Allen Crabbe is a better basketball player than Simons, however 2K seems to think so. Add in very mediocre players like Tyler Johnson, Brad Wanamaker and Cedi Osman, the list goes on and on.

Hopefully, this only adds fuel to the fire as Simons assumes the mantle of backup point guard behind Damian Lillard. Playing a key role on a contending team with possibly the best mentor in the league will grant Simons more than ample opportunity to showcase his value to the world.

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And if we’re lucky, one day Lillard will pass the torch down to his heir in Simons to lead the Portland Trail Blazers for years to come. Sure that’s a long ways down the line, but the fact the idea is even worth discussing just goes to show the team is in very good hands.