Most Heartbreaking Moments of 2012-2013

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#1) Kevin Garnett Hugs Coach McHale after the death of McHale’s daughter

Kevin McHale’s 23 year old daughter, Sasha, died of lupus on November 24th, 2010, two weeks after being hospitalized. Her sudden passing shattered Coach McHale, who had been on leave since November 10th to be with her in her failing health. One month later, he returned to the Rockets, and in his 4th game back they played the Bostons Celtics.

Kevin and Kevin go way back. As VP of basketball operations in Minnesota, it was McHale’s decision to draft Garnett out of high school. Though their paths led them independently to Houston and Boston (now Brooklyn), the two have remained close. Seeing an old friend during a tough time was enough to bring McHale to tears.

Although McHale’s agonizing grimace was absolutely crushing, what got me more was the look on Garnett’s face as he paced the court. With his head down and eyes focused, the 6’11” power forward looked strangely small.  I think we can all sympathize with what his eyes betrayed. KG had that look that said, “What can I even say to him?” We may never know exactly what it was, but it meant the world to Kevin McHale, and it broke my heart.

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