My favorite wins of the season (so far)..


There is no arguing that last night’s win over Phoenix was a great feeling. Just a tremendous performance by the Blazers, a great atmosphere in the Rose Garden and a great viewing experience on TV from afar. I was giddy during the third quarter, texting people left and right and just soaking in the experience. I almost….ALMOST felt like a little kid again, when every win felt special. Or when the Blazers were just really freakin’ good, you take your pick. However it got me thinking…was it one of the top wins of the season?? Did I love it that much?

So, for some Fun Friday content, I figured I’d throw together a list of my 7 favorite wins of the season. Why 7?!?! Because I don’t want to be all T-Mobile-ish and go with a Fave 5  and I think picking 10 would kind of cheapen the concept since I’d be listing a little under a 1/4th of our wins. So 7 it is. We’ll call it a tribute to Brandon Roy. So in no particular order, here are my 7 favorite wins of the season so far..

  • vs. Utah, January 31st, 122-108: If you’ve read this site over the past couple years, you have gotten a taste for just how badly I hate the Jazz. Hate, hate, hate, hate. If I had been able to enter the Playa Haters Ball from Chappelle’s Show, I probably would have won based on my hatred of the Jazz. So in my eyes, it is hard to top the satisfaction of beating the Jazz in the Rose Garden. There is nothing like it….but dominating them?? Ooh-wee. Very fun. If this was a movie and my heart was a columnist, it would have tagged it the ‘feel-good movie of the year’.
  • vs. San Antonio, March 1st, 102-84: This makes it for nearly the same reasons as the game above. Beating a really good team that caused my heart a lot of misery growing up. And yes I still carry the wounds. LMA and B-Roy both went to work,  dropping 26 in a game where a Spurs team with Duncan and Parker were down huge at halftime.
  • vs. Houston, November 6th, 101-99 (OT): Come on now. Brandon Roy. 30 foot jumper. Buzzer. Splash. You know. Actually, I feel like people forget this was a really good game. Back and forth, back and forth, both teams making plays. Yeesh. I haven’t forgetten, I watched this at a bar and went nuts when Roy’s shot went in. And by nuts I mean Jimmy V status after NC State beat Houston in the National Championship way-back-when. I was looking for anyone to hug or high-five.
  • @ New Orleans, February 2nd, 97-89: We don’t have a lot of “big” road wins. I don’t count Detroit because they are terrible. If this was the NCAA’s this would arguably be our key road win on our resume. That and winning at Orlando. Why this game gets in over the other? The pure emotion it carried, one of the few Blazer games where you got that emotional tie-in. And you can argue this game was tainted since Chris Paul got injured. But I don’t. Erasing a 17-point lead on the road and outscoring your opponent 38-15 in the fourth quarter??? Yeah. This is the only road game I can remember where I just started screaming at the TV from beind hyped.
  • vs. Phoenix, December 18th, 124-119: Out of the two Phoenix wins, this one gets the nod. Last night was great but it doesn’t beat out B-Roy’s 52-point romp and the feeling of finally beating the Suns for what felt like the first time in forever. Putting those two together is like a nice PB&J. Kind of.
  • vs. New York, February 8th, 109-108: This gets on here for two reasons. Coming from down 13 with 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter and B-Roy’s buzzer-beater. The majority of the the third and fourth I wore the biggest ‘WTF” look on my face. However, the comeback was so worth it. I called this the Blazers version of Seven Pounds. I had no clue what was going on in that movie until the end and when it all made sense to me…well…I choked up a little bit. If you’ve seen it, when the dog comforts a crying Rosario Dawson in that field…come on man!
  • vs. Boston, December 30th, 91-86: Beating the defending champs at home without Brandon Roy? Uh….yeah. I don’t think I need to say much more.

Honorable mention: W at Orlando, W at Detroit, blowout W vs. Chicago and Miami.

What are your thoughts? Did I miss any? You have any personal favorites out there?