Darius Miles mystery drug revealed….


The mystery is over. All that speculation from last week can now be put to rest. Had Darius Miles been secretly been suspended for marijuana offenses that no one knew about? Or had he used steroids or some other performance-enhancing drug to speed up his knee recover?

In his final report from Las Vegas, ESPN’s Marc Stein got the scoop.

“Sources say that all 30 teams were notified this week by league memorandum that the drug which earned Portland Trail Blazers castoff Darius Miles a 10-game suspension to start next season — if Miles can find a job — is the appetite suppressant phentermine.

A weight-loss drug, basically.”

Boy I did not see that coming at all. It was actually kind of anti-climatic. I was convinced it was weed or something for his knee but apparently we were all off base. All of that speculation and Darius Miles was taking a weight-loss drug. I mean damn how big is he?? He can’t be fat, all the time he was behind the Blazers’ bench he never looked fat. Is he just being lazy and trying not to work all the weight off? Who knows. Anyone else find it ironic that the man once heralded as the skinniest man in the NBA got suspended for taking a weight-loss drug? And I mean ironic like Alanis Morrissette did.

Good news Blazer fans: no one wants a 26 year old with one knee who takes diet pills.