Bobcats Gone Wild?


While Coup is enjoying a Winter Wonderland, I’m stuck with blue skies, perfect temperature and a beaming sun down here in the desert. And by stuck I meant enjoying. Anywho, didn’t mean to bump Coup’s excellent post down but I had to make a comment on something. In an attempt to continue the NBA’s quest to increase what the fans get to see, in the buildip to tonight’s game between the Bobcats and the Magic on ESPN, the Bobcats have granted ESPN complete access to them for the day. (Here’s an explanation if you’re looking for it) Kudos to Charlotte for making the most of their rare national TV appearance. TrueHoop has an ongoing blog of shoot-around and other events, there are some videos up, interviews etc..My question is, if I work for the Magic why don’t I just read and watch? I already know how the Bobcats are going to try and guard the Magic’s ballscreens and how they don’t want to even hint at fronting Dwight…why doesn’t SVG use this to his advantage? And why did no one on the Bobcats think of this before they gave the green light to this idea? Only time will tell if this backfires against the Bobcats.

Also…my review of this ‘increased access’ so far: thumbs down. The only noteworthy moments were Steve Nash handing his chipped tooth to the trainer and then doing an interview, Nate McMillan looking super conscious that the cameras were in the locker room at halftime, Chris Mihm not paying attention in the huddle and Phil Jackson making fun of Craig Sager’s tie in between quarters. That’s about it. ESPN and TNT always mike up the wrong players. Jordan Farmar? Antawn Jamison? The two people on those teams who have the least amount of personality? I learned nothing except that Farmar would say the same things I would say and that he strikes me as boring. Ditto for Jamison. They should have just miked Gilbert up from his house. Or the players who don’t play much because I guarantee they’ll actually end up saying something.

If NBA Access: New York doesn’t come soon then David Stern has officially gone soft.

UPDATE: Apparently I should have named this post ‘Bobcats Gone Dumb’. What was once only supposed to poke fun at the Bobcats I must now question whoever is running this organization as to exactly what they are doing. Trading for Nazr Mohammed is a near-sin on its own, but trading two players for him is just plain stupid. I pray MJ wasn’t behind this one but I’m sure he had to have given it the green light and I’m disappointed. Joe Dumars is heading towards me forgiving him for picking Darko over Melo. Slowly but surely. Not only does he dump Nazr and his horrendous contract but he gets the super underrated Walter Hermann and Primoz Brezec…who is at least 7 foot.

What I don’t understand is when you have a lack of depth when it comes to big men…why would you trade two that could potentially play that spot for one. Especially when that one is mediocre at best. No offense to Mohammed but his career numbers are 6 and 5 while Brezec’s are 8 and 4. Hmm? Brezec has pretty much been ineffective since Okafor arrived and Hermann for some reason has been inexplicably buried on the bench by Sam Vincent. Detroit gets the versatility of Hermann for basically nothing. If their coach was not named Flip Saunders I might hand them the keys to the Eastern Conference.