Be Smart KP


LaMarcus Aldridge should be out indefinitely. As Coup said the last thing that the Blazers need is for LMA to rush back and then have it linger all year like it has with Tim Duncan and Rasheed Wallace. Even worse would be for him to come back and cause even more injury to himself. Blazer fans shouldn’t be having a heart attack unless we see him back in a week with no report. I know he’s a competitor but I expect management to be really smart about this because the money isn’t coming until next year anyways.

Positive side….if there is one. We’ll finally get to see what Channing Frye can really do? I’m assuming he’ll get the lion’s share of LMA’s minutes and supposedly they could be confused for the same player so we’ll see. Does this mean the re-emergence of Raef LaFrentz? By the way he should be arrested for the amount of money he is stealing from the L. And why is that Josh McRoberts looks like a completely different human being than he did at Duke. Seriously, it doesn’t even look like he can play basketball anymore.

Weren’t the Heat one of the worst teams ever on Thursday according to some people (*ahem* ESPN)…now they are back? That’s one of my pet peeves…don’t jusmp all over a team then take it back the next day. Honestly the Heat are not nearly has bad as their record has shown. I talked about a lot of their issues on Sunday but at the end of the day D-Wade is finally coming back to form. And by ‘coming back to form’ I mean taking over the game in the 4th quarter. People forget that when it comes to the 4th quarter D-Wade gets it done. He may not be the best player on the planet but he has to be considered in the elite. The Heat don’t win over the Clippers and Suns on the road if Wade doesn’t will them too. When’s the last time Kobe dropped 10 in the 4th to lead the Lakers over the Suns? Exactly.

Could Zach Randolph be cracking under the NYC microscope? Check out these quotes from after last nights loss to the Mavs:

“It’s real hard. I ain’t never been in a situation like that and I don’t understand,” he said. “I guess they say it’s New York fans, but you know it’s real tough. Honestly. Especially for me, because I’ve never experienced every time a player walks off the court you’re booing.

“Everywhere else, in Portland, fans were a big part of our team. Fans are a big part of every team everywhere you go. We need the fans to be supportive with us, even when we’re down.”

Thanks for the shoutout even though you are not missed. Still appreciate it though. A lot of people (Knicks fans) are saying that Zach is struggling. False. He’s averaging 17 and 10 the only problem is he’s Zach Randolph. To get those numbers he takes a lot of shots and gets to the free throw line very little. He’s averaging 15.5 field goal attempts a game to only 4.5 free throw attempts per game. Just to compare and contrast for everyone who always likes to argue..Dwight Howard is averaging 23 points and 15 rebounds on just 13 attempts per game and 11.7 free throw attempts. You do the math.

I’ve also decided to get off of Dallas for a little bit. Before the season I said that nothing Dallas does in the regular season matters anyways because they will only be judged on postseason success. And that’s so true. I think I just wanted to stick it to Coup for a couple posts, human nature, my bad. I’m surprised he hasn’t thrown my ‘Houston is one of the top 4 teams in the Western Conference’ back in my face. I still think they could be if guys were consistent. But T-Mac getting hurt again? Not so good. Even worse? Yao calling your team soft.

Random but if I had to pick the MVP right now it would be LeBron James with Dwight as my runner-up. There isn’t an argument. He’s averaging 30 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists. He does everything for Cleveland…his greatness had me convinced that they weren’t as bad as I used to say they were. And I spent day after day ripping them to shreds in the spring and summertime. As soon as he has been out they have been horrific in every single way. Coup he has made the leap over your boy Kobe, I’m sorry I don’t think you have an argument anymore.