The rumors out of New York are that Stephon Marbury's days with the Knicks The rumors out of New York are that Stephon Marbury's days with the Knicks



The rumors out of New York are that Stephon Marbury’s days with the Knicks might be numbered. The key word here is rumors. I would not be surprised if this died or was denied within the next day or so, but seeing as how Peter Vescey has said nothing about it yet I have to talk about it a little. Pure speculation at this point, but intriguing none the less. Moreso because of the man behind than anything. The question I pose is what exactly is Stephon Marbury’s legacy? On paper his career stats aren’t too shabby: 19.8 points and 7.9 assists. But is he really a good point guard? I’d say no mainly because of the fact that he has never been a winner. In his 11 years he’s been to the playoffs 4 times and lost in the first round all four times. He’s played on two teams that ended up with a record of .500 or better. The 97-98 Timberwolves that went 45-37 and the 2002-03 Suns that went 44-38. Also combine that with the fact that the teams that have traded him have attained greater success without him. Here are the facts:

  1. Minnesota: Won 50 games in 1999-2000, their first full season without Marbury on the team. They would go on to win no less than 47 games until 2004-05.
  2. New Jersey: Had a record of 73-141 during the Marbury Era (98-99 to 00-01). Magically won 52 games in 2001-02 on their way to their first of two consecutive NBA Finals appearances. They were led by some guy named Jason Kidd.
  3. Phoenix: In Marbury’s 2.5 years in the desert the Suns did go to the playoffs once (02-03) but also had two of their worst seasons since the 80’s. Marbury was traded to the Knicks and they haven’t won less than 54 games since. Marbury had Amare and Marion and couldn’t get it done. Some guy named Steve Nash could.
  4. New York: Marbury infused the Knicks with energy and passion for the last half of the season to lead them to the playoffs in 03-04. They haven’t been back since. Now a lot of that isn’t all Marbury’s fault…but some of it definitely is.
  5. Team USA: Any coincidence that his appearance in 04 led to our first bronze medal in the pro era?

I wonder if he sits at night and wonders what life would have been like had he not asked to be traded away from KG. Marbury has made a tremendous image turnaround thanks to those Starbury shoes (the same shoes that may have secretly ended Ben Wallace’s career). Ironically (in the Alanis Morrisette way not the normal way) just like he hasn’t been able to win, he couldn’t even hold the image turnaround that long. This summer he pretty much killed all the good vibes (he even had me smiling when he said he’d pull a Beckham and go to Europe) with bizarre interviews, becoming a born again Christian (NEVER a good move to randomly come out and say that) and the infamous story of banging an intern. Yikes.

Compare and contrast his career with someone like Sam Cassell. I know there is someone on earth who would have the auadcity to say Marbury is better than Cassell because the world is full of idiots. Sam Cassell is a proven winner. He took any team that he was with for a significant time (notice I said significant aka not counting his cups of tea in Phoenix and Dallas) to the playoffs. Houston, New Jersey, Milwaukee, Minnesota and the Clippers. He knows how to win. Marbury knows how to score and pass…occasionally. So with all of this being said…I think the Blazers should trade for him or sign him if he gets bought out. That way we can let him go next year and he’ll propel us to the playoffs. And yes I was kidding.

Quick Shots

  • Controversy over the Josh Smith altercation on Sunday. I wouldn’t be surprised either way. On one hand the media makes stuff up and exaggerates a lot more than it should. On the other hand…Josh Smith is a hothead. Plus I’m not entirely convinced when I’m not seeing quotes from everyone on the team. Oh well.
  • In the Not-Quite-So-Breaking-News department: Antoine Walker is confused. By the way a basketball player being “confused” is probably the nicest way they can say ‘I’m f’n pissed I’m stuck in Minnesota AND not even getting to play.’ Again Coup…what the hell was the point of getting him?
  • Rashard Lewis faces his old team tonight as the Sonics visit Orlando. Do not be surprised if the Sonics either get blown out or sneak out a win.
  • The Bulls are getting mighty desperate. Players-only meetings, long practices, talk of “shaking things up”. Huge road trip coming up this week for the Bulls.
  • Anyone see how easy Chris Paul got to the bucket for that game-winner. Sheesh. Can’t wait until the Hornets and Jazz hook up to see what Paul and Williams do against each other. (UPDATE: They play each other in 10 days…circling that date for sure)
  • 8 games on the NBA slate tonight. I’d say game of the night would be Lakers at San Antonio. I guess we’ll see just how good the Lakers are slash can be when they’re healthy. Unfortunately for LA I just don’t see them being able to beat San Antonio, Phoenix or Houston in a 7 game series. So they better hope they draw Dallas or that one of those teams falls out of the top 4.
  • Blazers welcome Detroit as Sheed goes back to the Rose Garden. Despite being in college I’ve managed to be in person for all of Sheed’s returns except for this one. Sad indeed. I get a little choked up when Sheed shoots a fadeaway jumper in the post. And yes he’s the reason why I will always abhor Shareef Abdur-Rahim.
  • Boston goes to Indiana. The media is fawning over this team too much and while I know they’re really good…they are doing it for a different reason. The minute Boston loses they’ll be making a bigger deal about it than they should.
  • Did anyone else see the Love-fest last night on ESPN2. I mean I swear I don’t think I heard a word about Shipp, Mbah a Moute, Collision or anything on UCLA’s team that didn’t involve that one guy.