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Football…Saturday?: Coup’s Picks Week 9


We’re at the halfway point and the race looks like this:

Coup: 73-43
Steve: 70-46

I’ve not got a one game lead on Sean Salisbury while Steve continues to demolish Mike Golic (67-48) and is tied with Seth Wickersham.

Couple games this week with good teams being underrated because they lost a couple and offenses looking like they are due for a breakout. And now, the picks:

Chargers over VIKINGS
My how Chris Chambers has opened things up for Antonio Gates. It’s amazing what happens when you finally have a true deep threat. San Diego is one of two teams (Colts) in the AFC that has the firepower (Bengals don’t count right now) to knock off the Pats in the playoffs. I don’t think they will, but they aren’t at the same disadvantage of say, Baltimore.

Jaguars over SAINTS
I’m really starting to pick the Jags far too often, but I just really like that defense. David Garrard seems like a legitimate starting QB, unlike another young and hyped starter who I will talk about soon. This is the Saints chance to show they are truly back. If Drew Brees can fool Rashean Mathis and Reggie Bush gets some tough yards, I’m sold.

Redskins over JETS
You never know, Coles could have about three more of those fluke TD’s when he falls on someone’s back again, but I’ve got to give the edge to the more dynamic team that should be ticked off after what the Pats did. The Wild Card is Jason Campbell; I’m just not seeing it in this kid yet. He doesn’t get rattled easily, which is good, but all his passes just float for about two more seconds than they need too. All the timing routes I’ve seen them try have been close to picked off or the receiver gets destroyed for no gain. That will get you killed in the playoffs.

BUCANEERS over Cardinals
Not much to say here, just taking the better team at home.

FALCONS over 49ers
And here I’m taking the less crappy team at home. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a final score of 7-3. It’s amazing how much worse Alex Smith looks after that encouraging 2006 season. Counting on Jerious Norwood to get more carries and for him to hit at least one home run dash.

Bengals over BILLS
Haven’t heard much from Chad Johnson yet have we. Remember when we were saying that last season and then he grabbed about 900 yards and 8 TD’s in four games? It’s about that time again.

LIONS over Broncos
The Lions can actually run the ball now? Your kidding me. Mike Martz has the balance in place, and now Roy Williams is also due for another Chad Johnson-type blowup — yes even over Champ Bailey, who has not been able to save the Denver D by himself.

TITANS over Panthers
Ugly ugly ugly. How can you not feel bad for a guy like Steve Smith right now?

Packers over CHIEFS
Why on earth some experts are picking KC is beyond me. I’d be hard pressed to pick against Favre right now barring 5-6 of the elite teams. Greg Jennings is reaping all the benefits of being slightly unknown and getting the opposing team’s second CB while Donald Driver gets smothered.

Seahawks over BROWNS
Seattle has looked ugly as all get out, but I just can’t pick Cleveland, not yet. Gotta be happy for Browns fans, but I’ll admit to have a slight vendetta against Cleveland because I want that draft pick to be low for the Cowboys. If they keep it up it will be hard for me to keep hatin’.

RAIDERS over Texans
Texans have the worst luck of any team in the league right now. Hopefully by Week 11 after the bye they will have Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson ready to roll — sadly that will probably be much too late.

Patriots over COLTS
It’s amazing football, but I don’t see how anyone outside of New England can like that Pats right now. It’s been said before, but if Coach B keeps it up he’s going to find himself with a MVP-worthy QB out for the season after a cheap shot to the knees.

Cowboys over EAGLES
The last couples years Dallas has flat out sucked every time it goes to Philly. That’s just a tough place to play. If Osi can destroy that O-line like that, then DeMarcus Ware should be able to get double digit sacks, right? Beginning of a tough stretch for Dallas, playing its entire division all in a row. ‘Boys also have something meaningful to play for after the death of team Chaplain John Weber.

STEELERS over Ravens
The Raven’s way of winning seems to be dying out this season, but the Steelers are still carrying the half-lit torch — albeit with a few more points on the board.

The NFC Ladder of Power:

1. Dallas Cowboys
2. Green Bay Packers
3. New York Giants
4. Detroit Lions
5. Washington Redskins
6. Tampa Bay Bucaneers
7. New Orleans Saints
8. Seattle Seahawks
9. Carolina Panthers
10. Philadelphia Eagles
11. Arizona Cardinals
12. Chicago Bears
13. Minnesota Vikings
14. San Francisco 49ers
15. Atlanta Falcons
16. St Louis Rams