Football Friday: Steve’s Picks Week 8


Before I get to the picks, I’m watching this Lakers/Kings preseason game (because apparently I enjoy torture) and I’m not so sure how I feel about the NBA’s new ad campaign. It’s about 1000 times better than anything involving David Blaine, but ‘Where —- happens’…just not doing it for me right now. Has anyone found out what horrid, non-basketball related song ABC is going to trot out this year or are we stuck with Right Now? I will admit it’s annoyingly catchy but ABC might as well just go back to this.

I’m still in the game so I’d like to thank Kansas City for the win last week and thank Coup for being dumb enough to go against Peyton Manning and the defending champs. Slowly but surely we will make it happen and I will come back. Let’s see who I put my faith into this week…onto the picks:

Browns over RAMS
I have to go with Cleveland here for one because they’ve won three games against good teams. Well in Baltimore and Cincy’s case they were considered good and not quite overrated when they lost but still. They’ve at least one. St. Louis on the other hand has shown no ability to put points on the board. Stephen Jackson may be back but remember he had 115 yards against Tampa Bay in Week 3 and the Rams put up a giant 3 points. The Rams O-line is depleted and the Browns should be able to at least outscore them.

Giants over DOLPHINS
Nothing like sending the worst team in football overseas. Yikes. I’d rather watch Arsenal and every David Beckham match ever than this game. Miami is bad in every single way possible. By the way, you know that Gilette commercial with Tiger, Federer and Thierry Henry. Is it just me or did all three of them take it a little too seriously? I feel like all their respective cool factors went down 10 notches. Who was the bright one who decided to have them in suits? How do you have Tiger hatless and Federer headband less? And Henry just seemed wayyyyy too into it. PS, they just showed footage of the Laker Girls giving Andrew Bynum a birthday cake. Un. Real.

VIKINGS over Eagles
Tavaris Jackson isn’t playing. That was enough to swing me to the Vikings. However I’ll say this. Coup said Westbrook is the key to the offense and guess what; Minnesota has one of the top run defenses in the country. I see them shutting him down and forcing McNabb into a poor showing. If Minnesota can hang with Dallas, logically they should win at home against Philly. Plus, I’m sure Kelly Holcomb will have a little extra incentive to beat the team that traded him.

Colts over PANTHERS
Carolina doesn’t have enough to keep up with the Colts. They can beat you in so many ways.

Lions over BEARS
Just because the Bears barely eeked one out last week doesn’t mean that I believe in them all of a sudden. They still have no run game, Brian Griese is still their quarterback and their defense is still depleted. This is a Detroit team that just beat a tough Tampa Bay squad in an ugly way, I feel as if they have enough weapons to beat the Bears again.

BENGALS over Steelers
I can’t believe I’m picking both of those teams but ya know…the Bengals are due a big win. If Pittsburgh can lose to a Denver team that has a terrible run defense, why can’t they lost to Cincy?? They know this is their last chance, that’s a couple nails in the coffin.

TITANS over Raiders
Easy pick. Last week the Titans proved they can score. Oakland is fading away slowly, if this were in Oakland it might be a discussion but I don’t see the Titans dropping a home game.

BUCCANEERS over Jaguars
Ok seriously now Coup…what is with you and the Jags? Are you on payroll or something? Did you see how terrible their backup is? You do know he’s starting against a good Tampa Bay defense. Add on the fact that Jones-Drew might be banged up and the fact that Tampa Bay doesn’t beat themselves and are at home…should be an easy win for the Bucs.

JETS over Bills
Have to go with the home team here.

CHARGERS over Texans
Emotion will push San Diego over the edge here.

Saints over 49ERS
New Orleans has returned to at least somewhat decency while San Fran is just plain overrated. Alex Smith may be back but the offense is far from working and the defense isn’t helping matters at all.

PATRIOTS over Redskins
I’m not buying Washington going to Foxboro and beating the Patriots at all. Sorry. If NE put Dallas away on the road they’re beating Washington.

Packers over BRONCOS
Denver had their cup of tea last Sunday. The beautiful Favre story will continue this Monday night.

Best-of-5 series between me and Coup as we picked 5 games differently. This could either go really well or really bad. Oh well. I’m definitely scared that the Sun Devils are on the front page of…

Here’s the NFC Tower of Doom:
Cowboys, Giants, Packers, Redskins, Lions, Panthers, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Seahawks, Bears, Saints, Eagles, Vikings, 49ers, Falcons, Rams