Everything is better than the World Series


It’s a joke because the Colorado Rockies are in it. There is a reason why Cinderella stories are only beautiful when they are in the NCAA Tournament. Usually that team loses when it is supposed to. The NBA and MLB have examples of two unlikely teams who made inexplicable runs to the championship…only to get demolished. Just like the Cavaliers had no shot of beating the Spurs, the Rockies have no shot at beating the Red Sox. They’re the freakin Rockies. I’ve been alive longer than they have existed. Exactly. I might check the score once or twice but it’s not stopping me from flipping through the Lakers/Jazz game and Scrubs.

Of course it is time for me to play devil’s advocate. I have relentlessly teased Coup ever since he bought the Webster jersey, so I’m not surprised he would throw this in my face. However, I’m not completely jumping on the bandwagon quite yet. This is going to be an up and down year for Martell and the Blazers as a whole. The positive is we won, but for the love of all things holy what are we doing giving up 100+ to the Sonics? We’ve seen a lot more of Good Martell than we have of Bad Martell. I believe that the lack of Randolph and the increase in playing time will boost his confidence and will immediately make him better. The only way you develop in this league is by playing and that’s exactly what he will be doing this year. The question that remains to be answered is does Martell have it upstairs? Basketball is just as much a mental game as it is physical. The difference between the great ones as they move up in levels is how well their brains work. At some point, talent and athleticism even out and the only edge is the ability to think. Can Martell handle the extra pressure? How about what happens if he comes out and misses his first three shots and is struggling on D? Will he fold like he has in the past, or will he be able to overcome. These are the things he’ll be learning this year, so before we crown this the Year of Martell lets allow him to struggle first.

And you’re wrong on the trade Coup. Unless Minnesota buys Walker out, which considering how the owner is a little on the stingy side with money and bitter over giving Mike James max money is highly unlikely. They are now stuck with the worst player in the NBA. Not only that but an unhappy and probably uncaring player. Why would you add that to mess up the chemistry? I think this could stunt the growth of the T’Wolves young ones and it doesn’t make any sense for them to get any older. None of the guys that Minnesota acquired will figure into any part of their future. They have about 12 big men and at least 4 small forwards. For Minnesota this move served them next to no purpose. It was making a move to make a move. Secretly, Kevin McHale might be repaying people he owes favors too with the Boston deal and now this one to Pat Riley. Maybe he said something about his mom in 87, who knows.

In Memphis, new head coach Marc Iavaroni made his decision on who would start at PG for the Grizzlies. The answer makes me scratch my head. Someone has to admit that the Grizzlies overdrafted with Conley at #4. But then to make him the third-string PG?? Unbelievable in my eyes, especially when you could have gotten a Corey Brewer to play some defense. I do respect Iavaroni for basing his rotation off of what players actually did on the court, instead of promising playing time or putting people in spots based on when they got picked. Admirable. I just find it funny that the #4 pick is third-string right now. Has that ever happened before with a lottery pick??

(Yes…the 06 Draft had Patrick O’Bryant and Mouhamed Sene. Yuck.)