We all know the Miami Heat's issues. Amazingly enough they were the NBA Champions o..."/> We all know the Miami Heat's issues. Amazingly enough they were the NBA Champions o..."/>

He’s The Answer?


We all know the Miami Heat’s issues. Amazingly enough they were the NBA Champions of 2006. They returned with the same group of guys, except that hunger and desperation that ran through the vains of GP, Zo, Antoine Walker and the rest of the old crew was replaced with satisfaction. That satisfaction, combined with an injury to Dwayne Wade sent them packing in the first round of the playoffs. In the offseason, the Heat again did nothing. This time it wasn’t by choice. They lost out on Mo Williams and other free agents, couldn’t trade for Pietrus or anyone they wanted and even lost out on Charlie Bell. They entered training camp with their big acquisitions being Anfernee Hardaway and Smush Parker *shudder*. Antoine Walker came back fat and out of shape, Shaq was divorced but they fixed none of their problems. The preseason went horrible as nobody stepped up to show that they were ready to breakout for the Heat.

Enter the man pictured to my right. ESPN.com is reporting this morning that there is a potential deal in the works between Miami and Minnesota. The T’Wolves would send Ricky Davis and Mark Blount to Miami for a possible future draft pick, Antoine Walker, Michael Doleac and Wayne Simien. For the Heat this is an automatic upgrade. Anytime you can trade the worst basketball player in the league, a serviceable backup center who’ll give you three solid minutes and someone who is always injured and has never played…its a good deal. Ricky Davis is far from perfect, but the one thing he’ll do is shoo…I mean score. He can at least get the Heat through until D-Wade comes back. Blount I’m not too enamored with. He’s always been an inconsistent player, the best he’ll give you is an occasional double double. As a matter of fact he pretty much lost his starting spot to Theo Ratliff in the preseason. Ouch indeed.

For Minnesota…they are old-school rebuilding. Antoine Walker’s contract expires before Blount’s so that explains why they agreed to take him. I’m not really sure why you make this deal unless you wanted to make sure that someone else on the team shoots the ball. Cause Ricky Davis was not going to pass this year, I told you he waved off the point guard so he could shoot. Simien I’m not sure has played meaningful minutes in the NBA due to being young and coached by Riley and injuries. Doleac can hit a mid-range jumper and he’s tall. Minnesota has absolutely no identity though, just a mix of young and old, playing basketball with no cohesion.

At least Antoine Walker will be playing on the worst team now. No more Heat fans having to grab their mouths so they don’t vomit when he catches it on the wings, dribbles, goes through his legs, crosses over and shoots a step back three that goes way right or way left. Yucky.

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