Football: Steve’s Picks


Take that Mike & Mike. Onto the picks.

Patriots over DOLPHINS
It would take a million dollars for me to even try and fool myself into thinking the Dolphins had a chance in this game. Their offense is terrible, their defense is terrible and their coach is stupid. Not. A. Chance.

SAINTS over Falcons
New Orleans somewhat regained some of my respect with last week’s road win over the Seahawks. Road wins in the NFL can be big time momentum shifters, ask the Giants. They will add another win over the hopeless Falcons. They lost any hope after that performance against the Titans. Leftwich played in that one, and he was throwing balls into the stands like a blonde throws t-shirts at NBA games.

GIANTS over 49ers
You may put the G-Men in the ‘everyone loves them until they lose’ box but I myself called this one. As soon as they beat the Redskins on the road thanks to their D, I knew they were back. Need I remind you it was their defense that was failing them in their early struggles. Now their offense has to pick it up a little, Plax can’t do it all. But they are playing the 49ers. SHoudl be an easy win.

TEXANS over Titans
The Titans are cursed. They are a completely different team without Vince Young, and I will be going under the assumption that he isn’t playing. Tennessee’s biggest strengths are the versatility that VYoung gives them and their strong run defense. VY may not be playing and Houston doesn’t really rely on the run anyways so that doesn’t matter. I haven’t been impressed with the Titans at all the past couple weeks as they squeaked by a terrible Falcons team and couldn’t stop the Bucs and win the game. Gotta go with the Texans here, they turn into a different team for division games ask the Colts.

Ravens over BILLS
This is one I went back and forth on, but at the end of the day I can’t get boosted by Buffalo’s close loss to Dallas and the fact that they are coming off a bye week. The Bills offense is still mediocre at best and their defense is banged up. Almost like a crappier version of the Ravens. I give Ray Ray and the D the benefit of the doubt in this one to pull it out. Trent Edwards has to start being Trent Edwards some time.

REDSKINS over Cardinals
It’s dumb to pick a team whose QB options are an injured Kurt Warner and Tim Rattay. Even dumber to pick said team on the road against one of the top D’s in football. Unless Edgerrin James can run for 250 yards and 4 TD’s the Cards don’t have too much of a shot. Washington is going to come out fired out at home and get a win. If they could shut the Lions down, they can shut the Cardinals down.

LIONS over Buccaneers
I was praying you were going to put Tampa Bay so I could pick up a win, but you didn’t. The Lions have been MIA since that win over Chicago. A home game should be a good way to pick their offense back up. This has to be the week where Tampa Bay’s injuries catch up to them. Detroit can’t let Tampa Bay go on long drives and control the clock if they want to win. I think they have too much O to lose this one.

Chiefs over RAIDERS
If Kansas City finds a way to shut down the running game the Raiders are done. I believe that not only wiill their defense find a way, but Larry Johnson will continue his resurgence and lead the Chiefs to a big road win. This was the hardest game to pick.

BENGALS over Jets
The Jets aren’t good enough to outscore the Bengals.

COWBOYS over Vikings
AP can’t carry the Vikings like that again, especially not against the team that was right there with the Patriots. Minnesota still has Tavaris Jackson as their quarterback and will eventually have to do something other than hand the ball off to Peterson.

EAGLES over Bears
Chicago is nowhere near good enough to pick up a road win like this. McNabb won’t pull a Favre and throw a pick that will kill his team.

SEAHAWKS over Rams
Doesn’t matter what’s wrong with Seattle, they’re facing the Rams aka the worst team in the conference. I’d look for a blowout win so everyone goes ‘ohhh there is Seattle they’re pretty good’ until they play another good team and lose.

Steelers over BRONCOS
I was tempted to take Denver to try and cover some ground but then I realized they have yet to prove they can stop the run, and Pittsburgh loves to run the football. Those things just don’t go together.

Colts over JAGUARS
Thanks for the freebie Coup. Who goes against the defending champs and Peyton Manning on MNF??? David Garrard has to throw a pick eventually.