As I wake up this morning, I struggle to realize why every reporte..."/>
As I wake up this morning, I struggle to realize why every reporte..."/>

Wednesday Hoop Thoughts


As I wake up this morning, I struggle to realize why every reporter in the world is going nuts over this Kobe thing. I mean we’ve got Trade Machine blog posts, we’ve got Chicago reporters slobbering all over themselves and all sorts of other trade talk. I will sit here and repeat what I said this summer: Kobe Bryant is not going anywhere.

If he didn’t get traded over the summer, he for sure will not be getting traded right before the season starts. I will give Dr. Buss enough credit to believe that he would not want his legacy to be ‘the guy who traded Shaq and Kobe in the same decade and destroyed the Lakers.’ He knows Kobe is his meal ticket, the sole reason the Staples Center remains packed and people pay for those seats. All of this right now is a publicity game being played by Buss, Kobe and Phil. Buss is winning.

Anyone see that ‘scuffle’ last night between the Kings and Mavs? Brad Miller may have wanted a foul call but shoving Devin Harris, who just happened to be in his way was a bit much. Miller isn’t the only one to blame as Harris was doing a little too much for my liking…he didn’t get hit that hard. I put that up there with the soccer goalie in Europe who got tapped by a fan on the shoulder and faked an injury. There is no way I would let myself get punked on TV like that. Anyways…Josh Howard’s reaction was completely immature and just flat out dumb. If you want to get him back…do it later? Don’t run up from the other side of the court and shove him from behind. Especially when it looks as if the situation is in a diffused state. There were no shoving, nothing. Everyone was held back and then Howard came sprinting across doing his best Tito Santana impression. First off it’s cowardly, second it’s dumb to put yourself in hot water like that. For a team that has absolutely blown two chances at the title, they aren’t using their brains.

Dwight Howard went to China with his hard hat on, dropping 31 and 14 in a win over Cleveland. He is slowly making me change my mind about the Magic. They have to make the playoffs solely based on the fact that he now has post moves (thanks Patrick Ewing!) and can make free throws (13/16? Sheesh). Fantasy player of the year candidate? A lot of turnovers from both teams. Cleveland continues to be Cleveland.

Yesterday, in my non-existant blog post, I stated the following: “Martell Webster could be locking up the starting SF gig for the Blazers. I myself have no problems with this. James Jones can shoot as well and I like bringing Travis and his energy off the bench. The upcoming season is a freebie for the Blazers. With Webster potentially starting and taking his lumps this year, will only give him the experience and hopefully the consistency to be there when it really counts. The only way you can get better in the L is by playing. I just hope Nate sticks to his guns, remains patient and lets everyone get their feet wet this year.” I’m a little more relieved by the news that B-Roy and his heel are pain free. Right now I’m excited for the year but I swear to you if Roy or LaMarcus go down….watch out.

For Clipper Nation the honeymoon is over and it could be going from bad to worse. Cassell already has said he’d like to play in Denver, Maggette is essentially auditioning for his big paycheck next year but if Brand opts out next year too…we may see a riot. The article states this but remember, last time this scenario happened both Brand and Maggette signed offer sheets with other teams. They got matched.

A couple days ago I mentioned that this year was Carlos Delfino’s last chance in the L. Strangely enough he was in the running for the starting SF spot in Toronto. Maybe the new team would help him out, a new chance, a new opportunity. He’s already blown it. Can we all just agree he sucks and move along? Joe Dumars is chuckling somewhere until he realizes that he’s the guy who picked him.

The plan in Boston could be to have Eddie House be the backup PG. Quit your snickering. You would think some sort of PG skill would have rubbed off on him after playing with both Kidd and Nash. But nonetheless, this could work because being the point guard for the Boston Celtics will be the easiest job on earth. Plus this would add another shooter on the floor for the C’s to stretch the floor with.

Indiana has to give Ike Diogu the chance to play ball. Each year he has been in the league he has had breakout games but has never consistently gotten enough PT to show his worth. Hopefully this year will be the year. I don’t know how he is behind Jeff Foster anyways. The man just had a perfect game, preseason or not that shit ain’t easy

Good news Milwaukee fans: The Bucks turn the ball over all the time and are out of shape.

Poor people of Minnesota. They are being bamboozled by Theo Ratliff. He does this everywhere he goes. Starts out strong, rebounds, gets some great blocks that excites the crowd. Remember the ‘Rattler’ Blazer fans? Then once he’s established you’ll slowly realize he’s an offensive liability. But he times it up to get injured right about when that happens. And he stays out, maybe coming back once or twice to give you hope. Injury, injury and then in a contract year he plays his heart out to steal more money from the L. Anyone disagree?