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Week 6 Wrapup


Coming into this week the scoreboard for picks looked something like this:

Coup: 48-28
SJ: 44-32

Amazingly enough I mananged to come all the way back and blow it all in one week. This has to be the equivalent of cheating on your girlfriend, getting away with it only for your girl to find you making out with a girl five minutes after getting back together. Coup & I differed on five picks this week, adding to the drama of the ‘Duel in Dallas’ and ‘Crappalooza In Cleveland’.

Eagles over JETS 16-9
Weird how the Eagles win when Donovan McNabb doesn’t get sacked a million times and Westbrook plays. Kevin Curtis is inspiring white WR’s across the country to follow their dreams. Thomas Jones made Jets fans and fantasy owners smile, but Chad Pennington made them weep. They just didn’t have enough variety to get the job done. Anyone else remember when we were calling Mangini and Sean Payton geniuses? Yeah me neither. 1-1

BUCS over Titans 13-10
Everyone say it with me now…Madden. Curse. Unbelievable that Tampa Bay is sitting at 4-2 right now. With one WR and no running backs. All they needed was Jeff Garcia who absolutely massacred the Titans D on that last drive. I saw the Titans tie the game, left to go make a fruit salad and when I came back Tampa Bay was up 13-10 and I couldn’t understand how. Kerry Collins made some big time plays on 3rd down but was still Kerry Collins at the end of the day. 1-2

JAGUARS over Texans 37-17
Jacksonville may not be very exciting, pretty or too much fun to watch but boy do they get the job done. They simply destroyed the Texans. They remind me of the Steelers a little bit in the way that they just wear you down with the run game, pass when necessary and rarely make mistakes to beat themselves. This isn’t a team that goes for the big play, they just chop wood for 60 minutes. They were good last year but the biggest knock on the Jags were there issues with consistency. You never knew which squad you were going to get. Unlike the team they came into the league with (Carolina), the Jags have overcome these issues. Are they beatable? Hell yes…find a way to shut Taylor and Jones-Drew down and make them throw it a bunch of times. Way easier said than done. Good to see those two backs shake off their slow start. Houston is definitely a team where the tools are there but they are a year or two from making any real noise. 2-3

RAVENS over Rams 22-3
Baltimore’s D just took advantage of Gus Frerotte in just a mean fashion. The man threw 5 interceptions. Baltimore didn’t do anything impressive on O but then again they didn’t have to. All they had to do was a trot a defense out there and they were going to pick up the W. Welcome back to the cellar St. Louis. 3-4

Vikings over BEARS 34-31
I said Tavaris Jackson made want to throw up and that Devin Hester would be enough to get the Bears the win. I forgot about Adrian freakin Peterson. Are you kidding me? He has been carrying the Vikings all year, but this was ridiculous. 3 touchdowns, 224 yards…on 20 carries? Maybe I should have seen it coming since the Bears D gave up all those rushing yards to the Packers…but damn. The guy averaged 10+ yards per carry. Tavaris didn’t even have to do anything at all. What’s beautiful is not only did he run all over the Bears…he had the big 53 yard kickoff return that set up the game-winning field goal. The man has to be a legend in Minnesota and should automatically get their fans excited for the future. Bears fans? It’s going from bad to worse. That’s your second loss at home. Brian Griese continues to throw INTs left and right, the running game barely exists and your defense is not just banged up but just gave up 311 RUSHING yards. At least you have Devin Hester…gosh that man is amazing. You might have to make him play D again and play WR and maybe play QB to have a chance. 3-4

BROWNS over Dolphins 41-31
Coup why on earth would you pick the Dolphins? Not only are they bad and haven’t beaten anyone..their coach is retarded. Do you know the things he did this offseason? Ronnie Brown may chokeslam someone soon. Their defense was supposed to be their anchor. Yeah they just gave up 41 points to the Browns. They may not win a game. I don’t really have much to say about Cleveland except they faced the right team at the right time. 4-4

PACKERS over Redskins 17-14
Washington’s achilles heel reared its ugly head again. When they can’t run they usually can’t win. Jason Campbell played decent but had to throw the ball 37 times. Or for those keeping track, exactly the same amount as Brett Favre. Yikes. I can handle the legendary Favre doing that with no running back. Campbell with Clinton Portis…not so much. Green Bay just outlasted Washington in this one. Neither of these teams win pretty and it would be a fumble recovery that changed the entire game. Just think how good Green Bay would be if they had a running back. 5-4

CHIEFS over Bengals 27-20
Wasn’t this the same Kansas City team that demolished by Jacksonville? This proves that Cincy is flat out bad. How do you give up 27 points to Kansas City. Wasn’t Marvin Lewis the defensive coordinator in Baltimore? Can’t he figure something out? The Bengals are like what the Colts used to be except with a shittier defense. I mean Larry Johnson ran all over them which actually opened up the passing game and Tony G made fantasy owners proud. Carson, TJ and Chad can only do so much. Unfortunately this isn’t basketball where three good offensive players can carry you. Actually scratch that, going 1/11 on third down doesn’t really qualify you in the good category now does it. The playoff bus just dropped the Bengals off. 5-4

Panthers over CARDINALS 25-10
How does Testaverde do it? Like seriously. Last week he was watching football, this week he winning the game. Like how does his wife and kids feel about these things? And why is there no Vinny Testaverde movie? It seems like this story should be more inspiring. But I forget in this day and age where we live with a media that shoves a story down our throat, lets us breath and then shoves the next story down our throat that anything consistent isn’t newsworthy. That’s why Paris Hilton went from the worst person on earth to a saint, why Lindsay Lohan went from all over the news to quiet in Utah, why Pacman Jones went from a hated man to a wrestler and why no one even remembers what OJ and Mike Vick did today. Rant aside, the Cardinals worst nightmare came true. They went from having two QBs to zero in a week. Tim Rattay absolutely boned them over with the 3 picks. I’m telling you, they better make a move soon or else they are going nowhere fast. I don’t care how good you are…you ain’t winning with Tim Rattay. 5-4

CHARGERS over Raiders 28-14
Hmm….so LT is back. Good to see the Chargers have joined us in Week 6. I still think had the Raiders been able to a) get a running game going and b) somehow contained LT they could have won this game. Alas they did neither and got beat up pretty bad. San Diego’s D showed up when they needed them. 5-5

Patriots over COWBOYS 48-27
Let me start off by saying this: this was a great loss for the Cowboys. Dallas was in this game so lets not get fooled by the final score. They definitely gave the Patriots all they wanted and some. At the end of the day they just didn’t have enough to stay with them. The Boys have a major league weakness and it is that secondary. Unfortunately they faced one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. He sliced and diced that
D up so bad he should probably get a guest starring role on Grey’s Anatomy. Hooray for corny jokes. But so true. The Patriots are so good it really isn’t funny. And I can appreciate how good they are this year. Before when they were dominant I didn’t get it. It was Tom Brady and a bunch of bums…but they were beating people. I didn’t understand. Now you see Tom Brady, and the weapons and the strength of that defense. And the genius of their head coach. I’m not sure these guys will lose. For Dallas, the sooner they fix the secondary the better. This is the second time they’ve gotten dissected and punished at home (Giants anyone?). I’m sure Coup will have more to say. 6-5

Saints over SEAHAWKS 28-17
Another case of the Seahawks sleepwalking their way through another game. At least they showed up for the second half. Too bad they had already given up 28. They are just plain bad. How do you let a winless team come into your house and beat you like that? Unbelievable. Kudos to the Saints for maybe finally righting the ship…a week or two too late. They definitely coughed one up last week and finally got the monkey off their back. With plenty of football left it will be interesting to see if this big road win can give them the confidence they need to give it a run. Brees played well, Bush played well but so did the defense. Little known fact…Saints didn’t score in the 2nd half. Let’s not forget that one. 6-5