Around The L


Enough of the football talk, and don’t get me started on the abomonation known as the NLCS. The Colorado Rockies are really about to be in the World Series. I thought it couldn’t get worse than the Marlins. *sigh*. At least Diamondback “fans” will STFU. It is time to get back to hoops, lets take a look around the L. You know the deal, I surf, I type, you read, LETS GOOOOOO.

  • Quietly, the Blazers have assembled an underrated frontline. LaMarcus is a BIT (Beast In Training), alongside a capable scorer who can get boards in Frye (a little soft at times) and Pryzbilla who looks to be back in form. He’ll block 2-3 shots and change at least a dozen, plus he’s willing to bang, board and can get 10 pretty easy. If he can stay healthy. Even though it is preseason this is the most excited I’ve been for a Blazer team in a while. Not only are we actually scoring 100 points (CHALUPAS!!) but we are solid all around. We’ll have our ups and downs but don’t be surprised if the Blazers make a little bit of noise before simmering out.
  • Things are looking rougher than ever in Miami. D-Wade is out until November at least, Shaq has a bruised quadricep..and nobody has stepped up to the plate and snatched their chance at glory. Absolutely no one. At this point I think Indiana is infinitely better than this team.
  • Completely different mindset in Boston. People are finally making some noise about this…but this is a completely different team than last year. Not just because of the two new superstars, but look how many veterans they have on that team. They know what to do and how to get things done and are all pros pros. Everyone will fill their roles out nicely and compliment the Big 3. And also a veteran team is perfect for Doc Rivers. He has a forced rotation, multiple obvious offensive options and his job is about 50x easier because he doesn’t really have to teach to youngsters anymore.
  • Glad people in Chicago are admitting they threw a lot of money away to sign a glorified role player. I’m sorry but Joe Smith has to be one of the worst #1 picks in the history of the draft, but everyone forgets that he was a #1 pick.
  • Just the thought of Bo Outlaw playing charades with the Orlando Magic dance team made me laugh for a legit 5 minutes. I wish this could be caught on YouTube.
  • When the talk of your team is what Kevin Ollie brings to the table…things aren’t looking too promising. And also when one of your top players is injury prone like Samuel Dalembert…it can’t be too good when he’s ALREADY hurt.
  • The more the preseason progresses and the more I read about Toronto…is anyone else starting to get the feeling that Sam Mitchell is about to completely botch this team? He says he wants toughness and wants to run less pick and rolls. You have the most dangerous pick and roll with shooters who can spread the floor, a great big man and quick point guards…and you want to run something else.
  • Phil Jackson really should keep Coby Karl. For one, because it is a really good story. Secondly, you wouldn’t beef with Denver now would you? And third…because damnit they need a shooter. Plus he could do like Luke Walton did in the playoffs that one year and come out of nowhere. Or maybe not. I find him 10x better than Vujacic ever will be.
  • Worst Coach In The League? Randy Wittman with ease. This guy has gone on the record as saying that ‘no one’ on the T-Wolves is a starter AND that Ricky Davis needs to do more than score. My first point is, how absurd is it to publicly state you either a) don’t know who to start or b) don’t believe in your players enough to publicly endorse them. Honestly though, everyone and their mom knows you’re starting Al Jefferson, Randy Foye and Davis. Secondly…Ricky Davis CAN’T do anything more than score. He might get 10 assists once or twice, but at the end of the day he’s in it to put points on the board. Especially now that he’s on a crappy team again. Did anyone else see the preseason game against the Celtics. Everytime he touched it I was like ‘He’s shooting’. And he usually did unless he turned it over or got triple teamed. He even waved off Telfair, the POINT GUARD to go one-on-one. Enjoy AP while you can Minnesota.
  • I’m telling you if Memphis doesn’t run, they are in big trouble. I don’t know about you but I’m not sure I want any sort of half court offense to include Hakim Warrick and Stromile Swift.
  • Key to Phoenix’s championship run (besides the obvious) production from the bench. If they could manage to somehow get Marcus Banks to be effective or DJ Strawberry could make some noise it would make their lives so much easier.
  • Knicks fans…Eddy Curry…IS BACK!! And out of shape! With a bum shoulder! And no chemistry with Zach Randolph! And Jerome James is still stealing money! Hooray Knicks!
  • A Rocket fan asked me the other day…’Man I really hope Steve Francis gets along with Rick Adelman?’ He has no choice. If this doesn’t go well, he’s more than likely out of the league unless he takes a major major league paycut.

There you go ladies and gents. That should keep you full for a little bit. Later.