Now this is the Romo I’ve been waiting to see. The idiot who dumped Carrie Underwood. I swear the guy has multiple personalities. Anyways…can the Bills hold on? Will Coup’s head explode? How many times within the next six days would I make fun of him for this? Will he post an entry? Who knows. Let’s all find out together.

Redzone INT from Romo? Oh snap. I fear for my partner in crime’s sanity right now. 3:45 and counting, last chance summer dance for Romo and the Boys.

Cowboys TD, Romo to Crayton…CAN THEY GET THE 2 POINTS. By the way…if Dallas pulls this out, how terrible will Buffalo and their fans feel. Is this like how Cleveland fans felt when MJ hit the game-winner on them with the Wizards and Rip did his best MJ impression? I mean the Cowboys have tortured their fanbase. They finally get MNF back after 10+ years, get up big on the Cowboys, look to get a 2nd big W…and choke it. Someone is definitely going to feel sick after this one.

Oh crap…Romo…TO….No-No. 24-22 Buffalo…Onside kick? Who gets the onside kick these days I mean really. Between this and the Yankees getting hammered we might not hear from Coup until October 30th. And then Brandon Roy’s heel will fall off while he’s eating cereal and Coup will pull a Benoit. Too soon? Hope not.

Who gets the onside kick…apparently the Cowboys do. The emotional rollercoaster known as this game is going to kill at least 2 people and shave 2191 years off of Dallas and Buffalo fans lives. ROMO TO T.O….OHHHHHHH MY LORD SPIKE IT SPIKE IT SPIKE IT. 1 second left. Holy poop my pants. REVERSED. This. Game. Is. Cruel. DAMN.

The Cowboys still drove down the field to set a 52 yard FG. That ‘Call timeout right before they snap it’ rule is going to be abolished once it gets used in like the Super Bowl or a really important game. I don’t find it fair to be honest. I mean in basketball you can’t call a timeout when someone is about to hit a game winning three now can you? Exactly. This is like the fifteenth time someone has used that. It’s all a mute story becuase he made it again. Cowboys escape. I repeat…ESCAPE. I don’t care what you tell me Coup. The fact that they managed to come back after that TO catch was reversed was about the only impressive thing of the night.

NBA stuff…BD wants to be like J-Kidd (watch the bleep out) and Eddy Curry looks as if he has torn his shoulder. New York Knick fans should be celebrating. They might not have to worry about Z-Bo and Curry fighting to post up on the same block. We’ve already had the multiple annual ‘this could be the year’ articles, also we’ve seen the ‘Shaq is in shape’ and ‘(insert 30+ year old journeyman’s name is trying to make insert team name but won’t’ articles. TrueHoop took my idea but how about the “Bonzi Wells is finally happy article“. And by the way if you want to know why I don’t completely talk about how terrible the Clippers are; Corey Maggette has been waiting for this for years. It’s officially his show and I look for him to respond. I still contend that the Clips are in the ‘not as bad as you think’ category. One thing that I’m gathering from the always great ‘Behind the Blazers Beat‘ is that we might actually have an identity aka that of a team that is going to play high tempo O and try on defense. I like this. And Coup tell me (in between vomiting after this Cowboys game) that the C’s don’t look disgusting. Paul Pierce looks so incredibly smooth, happy and motivated. I don’t know how many more ways I can say this. His. Life. Is. So. Damn. Easy. He looks like a different guy. KG is in assassin mode times twelve and Ray…well Ray looked a little old. He’ll hit the open shots though. They move the ball great I just wish they had picked up another shooter to come off the bench. Eddie House is nice and he’ll get the looks but having another guy would be great. Where is Wesley Person? The C’s just make me happy. Rajon Rando has to prove that he can make open jumpers or he will fall immediately into Eric Snow territory.

The Buffalo Bills fanbase may be dead. Ouchers.