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Around The L

  • UPDATE: Spencer Hawes out indefinitely and will have arthroscopic knee surgery. It looks as if microfracture hasn’t claimed another victim but this is a big blow to him and the Sacramento fans that had to sit all summer and justify his selection. So now they’ll have Brad Miller and One legged Spencer Hawes. Sheesh.
  • UPDATE: Hollinger has found another way to piss me off. Player Efficiency Ratings. I’ve thrown up after viewing is Power Rankings, shaken my head at his team-by-team projections and wanted to bash my skull in after generally everything he says. This is no different. Any list where Tim Duncan is the #13 player in the NBA (including one behind Amare who he owns every Spring) is ridiculous. On this list Chris Paul is #6 aka the best PG in the league. He’s nowhere near J-Kidd’s level. Where is J-Kidd? #56..behind the following players; Ilgauskas, Andris Biedrins, LaMarcus, Mehmek Okur, TJ FORD!, Maggette, Barbosa, Camby, Emeka Okafor and Paul Milsap. Unbelievable, you continue to top yourself Mr. Hollinger. And I don’t care if its based on a formula, any formula where Jason Kidd isn’t the top PG and is “worse” than those people I just listed needs to deleted forever and whoever created should be shot in the calf.
  • Pre-Season Basketball…Ya gotta love it. Zach Randolph must have impressed some New York fans with his 17 points, 5 rebounds and 7/10 shooting in last night’s preseason opener against the Sixers. I for one know this man and I am just sitting back here shaking my head. It’s like when a friend of yours starts dating one of your ex’s. You know exactly what’s going to happen but you don’t want to spoil their fun or ruin the trainwreck. He may be hitting those jumpers now, but MSG will be booing when Randolph wags his hand and airballs a midrange jumper. An actual quote from the article I posted, courtesy of Howard Beck of the NY Times: “…Randolph, as he showed quickly, will shoot from wherever he gets the ball.” That my friends is what we like to call a warning flag.
  • The Hawks beat the Magic, but the more important news was that Rashard Lewis left the game with cramps. Some in Orlando are calling it a scare. I call it ‘the guy played 60 games last year and hasn’t played a full season since 99-00.” Another thought for Magic fans to chew on…Lewis is the type of player who needs shots to get his points. He’s averaged around 15 shots a game the last four years while only getting to the line 5 times. Max money? Sheesh. Good news though; Dwight Howard has decided to not just be a monster, but to be a monster with a jumper and some post moves. If they get him the ball…they might not be as bad as I thought they would be. Maybe.
  • What do you mean Peja Stojakovic isn’t retired? Are you sure?
  • Maybe it is the positivity of the preseason articles, but could the Pacers actually not be that bad? They have Jermaine O’Neal, serviceable guys like Troy Murphy, Dunleavy, Granger, Daniels and Diogu. A new coach with a more free offensive philosophy. Am I wrong to think that they could possibly be a sleeper to make the playoffs? Probably.
  • Kevin Durant MAKES HIS DEBUT TONIGHT! I will judge his entire career based on how well he performs in his first preseason game.
  • The other team that I think wont be as bad as people think….the Clippers.

Other thoughts that are non-basketball related…the little bit of interest in the MLB Playoffs that I had on Friday courtesy of Travis Hafner and Manny Ramirez hitting game-winners was erased over the weekend. The Cubs and Phillies got swept, basically the two teams of any interest got eliminated and went out with a whimper. Selig should have just rigged it…how do you not have the final four be Red Sox/Yankees and Cubs/Phillies. How you not even get Red Sox/Yankees? Instead we’re looking at the Red Sox demolishing either the Diamondbacks (lord no) or the Rockies? The Colorado freakin Rockies? This is their second trip to the playoffs. This is how I felt when the Marlins won…both times. And lord help the sports world if the Indians win.

By the way..could their be a worst MNF game than the Giants and the Falcons? Can anyone believe the Saints are 0-4 and the Chargers are 2-3 and still in it? The Broncos kind of remind me of the Bengals from last year. Good team, horrendous schedule.