Packers over VIKINGS 23-16
The game wasn't nearly as close as the final score w..."/> Packers over VIKINGS 23-16
The game wasn't nearly as close as the final score w..."/>

Week 4 Wrap-Up


Packers over VIKINGS 23-16
The game wasn’t nearly as close as the final score would indicate. Favre and the Pack were in control the entire game as the beautiful Favre story continues. Seriously just watching Favre lead these guys to victory and seeing the celebrations and the weekly ‘Favre picks Jennings up’ thing puts a smile on my face. Favre continues to spread it out, picking up 344 yards, 2 TDs and zero picks. And no report from any sort of run game. For Minnesota..I have to feel for Adrian Peterson. He is playing is butt off (112 yards on 12 CARRIES?) but he has no help around him. He’s exciting to watch and should give Minnesota fans something to look forward too. 1-1

Raiders over DOLPHINS 35-17
Ronald Curry the hero? Psh…Daunte motherfreakin Culpepper ladies and gentlemen. That right there is just karma biting Miami in the butt and they deserved it for their stupidity. Culpepper was dominat in an undominant way…5/12 for 75 yards but the three rushing TDs and pointing to his knee and giving the Miami fans the ok symbol were classic. He even busted out his rolling celebration which lets you know he is feeling ok. And Justin Fargas busting out for 200 yards almost? 100 of those in the fourth quarter? Who saw that coming. Don’t sleep on Oakland, a good D with an offense that tends to not beat themselves could make a little more noise than expected. For Miami…ugh. Ronnie Brown put up 134 but Trent Green is still the QB (2 INTs) and that defense is looking worse with each week. I told y’all Cam Cameron was an idiot. 2-2

BILLS over Jets 17-14
Who would have thought that Chad Pennington puts up 290 yards and the Jets lose? They couldn’t get the ground game going and they couldn’t capitalize on opportunites. Trent Edwards looked impressive in one of those games where you just have to scratch your head. I couldn’t tell you why Buffalo won without their starting QB and a banged up D. Such is sports. 2-2

FALCONS over Texans 26-16
Is this a case where the Falcons aren’t as bad as we thought and the Texans aren’t as good as we thought? Possibly. Joey Harrington is playing with such a sense of urgency…the man knows his career is on the line. The minute he messes up Byron Leftwich is in and Harrington will forever be a backup at best. Instead he has responded with two good weeks, this time completing 23 of 29 attempts for 223 yards and 2 TD’s. What more can you ask for from the guy? The Falcons D did a great job of stalling the Texans and forcing them to kick field goals instead of TDs. This would happen the week I don’t pick them. 2-2

LIONS over Bears 37-27
“Old backup quarterback steps back into the starting role and leads the team to victory” huh Coup? News flash…this is Brian Griese we’re talking about. He lost his job to Jay freakin Fiedler. He’s the main culprit as to why the lost the game. The man threw two redzone INTs. You can’t do that and expect to win games. Plus the man threw the ball 52 times. If Brian Griese is throwing the ball 52 games you’re not going to win, case closed. The offense is not the only problem in Chicago. A disgusting fact..this is the second straight week that the Bears have given up 30+ points to an NFC opponent. Not only that but on the final drive the Lions found ways to run the ball…on the Bears. With the exception of Devin Hester (he looks like he is going to break it every play) things are not looking good at all for Chicago. For Detroit they have to be feeling great. Undefeated in division play and Jon Kitna looked spectacular against the Bears. 20/24, 247 yards and 2 TDs. A big confidence boosting win for the up and coming Lions. 3-2

BROWNS over Ravens 27-13
Before I get to the game, I have to take care of something first…*ahem*

Dear Cleveland Brown fans,

We’re sorry.

SJ & Coup

Unbelievable. There is no way you could have told me that the Browns would be 2-1 in division play with wins over the Ravens and the Bengals. No way. They completely outplayed and outclassed the Ravens on Sunday. Now the question is…was Baltimore overrated? Or is Cleveland simply inconsistent? Were they just juiced up to play at home against Baltimore? Only time will tell but enjoy this one for now Browns fans, I would say you deserved to beat up on your old team in Cleveland. I chalk this one up to karma. 3-2

COWBOYS over Rams 35-7
I’m surprised we haven’t gotten the weekly ‘The Cowboys are so friggin amazing’ blog entry from Coup yet but it is probably coming shortly. I saw Dante Hall’s TD return (refreshing to see him throw the X up) and that’s about it. The Cowboys are dominant but we’ll see how much they’re made up of when they play the Pats. The Romo play where the snap went over his head but he ended up running for like 30 yards just lets you know a team is in sync and things are going their way. Clayton stepped up in a monster way. There are no words for just how far the Rams have fallen. I mean this is just sad to watch. 4-3

Bucs over PANTHERS 20-7
I guess David Carr just really is that bad and Tampa Bay is actually kind of good. They are sitting pretty at 3-1 and are just finding ways to win with a stingy defense an effective run game and a QB that doesn’t shoot himself in the foot. It’s not pretty but it sure is effective. That Cadillac Williams injury was gruesome though. For Carolina that inconsistency continues to show. Against the bad teams they look good and get wins, against equal or better you never know what you’re going to get. The Bucs D manhandles Carolina’s O. 4-3

Seahawks over NINERS 23-3
Alex Smith throwing 30+ times = problem. Trent Dilfer throwing 30+ times…DAMN. The Niners had a small chance in the beginning but as soon as Alex Smith went down you could tell they were in trouble. The Seahawks again went out there and took care of business. Their defense really put some heat on San Francisco (6 first half sacks) and shut down an already struggling offense. Amazingly the Niners are 2-2, these next couple weeks with Dilfer will be interesting though. 5-3

Chiefs over CHARGERS 30-13
It’s official. San Diego is really, really, really bad. The same Kansas City team that has looked TERRIBLE all season and barely put up 13 at home against Minnesota wins 30-13 on the road. I seriously forgot that San Diego beat the Bears in week 1 I thought they were winless. What is up with Phillip Rivers continuing to hit LT in the back of the head? Marty has got to be somewhere just enjoying this. I feel bad for Norv Turner’s family. LT looked poised to strike but then disappeared in the third quarter and the offense never did get a rhythm back. LJ and LT both had 100+ yard games to make their fantasy owners happy but Rivers continued to look bad. Seriously, San Diego is just really bad. EA Sports should update Madden to make it appropriate cause the Chargers in their are unstoppable. 5-3

CARDINALS over Steelers 21-14
Even Cardinals fans were shocked they put up 14 points in the 4th to beat the Steelers. Is the Warner/Leinart duo going to start a new trend in football? First running backs by committee now quarterbacks by committee? Who knows, but
the Cardinals picked up a big one. They completely shut down Willie Parker (19 carries, 37 yards) and make the Steelers one-diminsional. When you make Big Ben throw it 30+ times the Steelers are in trouble because he’s going to turn it over. Sure enough he threw 2 picks. Their D couldn’t keep up with AZ’s air attack. What is with the NFC beating up on the AFC?? 5-3

COLTS over Broncos 38-20
The Colts proved that to beat them you can’t turn the ball over. Denver turned it over enough to negate Travis Henry’s big day. Wasn’t this defense supposed to shut Peyton Manning down? Denver has got to start stopping the run and fast or the losing will continue. Last week it was Jacksonville running all over them, this week Addai put up 136 yards and Kenton Keith put up 80 yards. You can’t let a team run over you like that, especially not the Colts. Peyton just chilled and took the W. 6-4

GIANTS over Eagles 16-3
Ya know it just really feels great to be right. First the Daunte Culpepper thing, then the Lions beating on the Bears. I said last week’s win over Washington would rejuvenate the Giants especially since their D came up with the big stop. Sure enough they go out there an tie and NFL record with 12 sacks. No Westbrook meant no chance for the Eagles. For the G-Men you have to be encouraged by the return of your defense. Picking up a win on a mediore offensive performance can only enhance their confidence. I said last week lets not get fooled into thinking Philly is all the way back as they still have a little ways to go. 7-4

PATRIOTS over Bengals 34-13
Watching that first Patriot drive I just felt bad for Cincy. They didn’t have a chance. Tom Brady looked like a surgeon back there just slicing and dicing that D up. There is completely too much pressure for the Cincy offense to score and it is showing. They force the issue and they turn the ball over against good teams. Palmer continues to throw picks left and right and the absence of Rudi Johnson was big. Meanwhile the Patriots have Brady, Moss, and insert Sammy Morris who went nuts. They. Are. Really. Freakin. Good. 8-5

So for the week the picks tally went a little something like this…

SJ: 8-6
Coup: 5-9

Which now means for the season in our weekly picks battle the scoreboard says..

Coup: 36-26
SJ: 36-26

Whole new ballgame…