Oden Talk


I absolutely do not want to hear anything about a ‘Great Debate’ and I certainly do not want to hear any nonsense that the Blazers will take Kevin Durant number one. Simple put, it just is not going to happen. Yesterday Greg Oden worked out for the Blazers and reportedly struggled. But those words did not come from a writer searching for a story or an agent trying to run a smear campaign. Those words came from Oden himself. Look at the following quotes and tell me this is not the guy you want as the future of your franchise:

“I think I could have done a whole heckuva lot better,” Oden said. “I should have been more prepared, that’s how I feel about it, myself.”

“We’ve watched tons of film on this kid, so we know who he is basketball-wise,” Pritchard said. “And it was really refreshing to see a kid say, ‘I know I can do better in this workout.’ He is a kid who is tough on himself, and I like that about him.”

“There were a lot more people than I expected,” Oden said. “I see the whole gym lined up looking at me like this (arms crossed, eyes squinted), and I’m like, ‘Oh, God.’ My heart started beating fast . . . I thought I would miss my first layup.”

Say what you want about him but the guy is just as humble as a mumble. He is exactly the kind of guy this city needs to rally behind. His character is excellent, his game is top-notch, he blends in with the team (according to B-Roy). The Blazers were going to need Oden to give them a reason to even think about not picking him and they didn’t get one. Sure he had an “ok” workout but remember this is his first (and I believe only) workout. I’ll gladly give him a pass, plus at the end of the day it is an individual workout. I hate how much stock people put in these in the first place. So what if a guy can dribble through cones or hit fifteen jumpers in a row? There is only a certain criteria that should (idiot GMs is why I say should) come into consideration when trying to select someone in the draft. I think Oden did enough off the court to seal the deal.

And yes I am freaking out at the possibility of his physical results.

The funniest subplot was the five Blazers who watched the workout. The two chosen ones aka B-Roy and LaMarcus, Dan Dickau, Zach Randolph and Ime Udoka. Ya know for as much dumb stuff as Zach does he is almost always at stuff like this. I find it odd. I also find it a little odd that our savior slash genius of a GM Kevin Pritchard is more worried over this non-decision than figuring out how to ship out Darius, Zach or Raef LaFrentz. The more I think about it the more I wonder if Zach and Oden could work. I mean come on, Zach on one side, Oden on the other..high low game…but then I remember just how nuts Z-Bo is. And not just how nuts he is but how he just does not blend in very well with this team. The Blazers have got to be free flowing, a team that shares the ball. Zach Randolph is a great basketball player but he can be a ball-stopped. When he’s got it going that is great, but he isn’t the type of players that is going to make his teammates better. As a matter of fact they need to keep him as far away from Zach as possible. As a matter of fact, if I was running the show someone would have gotten fired for letting Zach in the building.

  • More added to the saga of players trying to control their own destiny; KG says he has no interest in going to Boston. That sound you hear is a giant exhale from Celtics fans, because they were about to get shafted if that trade had gone done. As a matter of fact they should cheer KG next time he comes to Boston. They owe everything in the next five years to him. Anyone else think KG picked up the phone and told his agent ‘If you don’t stop this Boston nonsense I’m going to kill you.’ 2007 KG is definitely on my list of people I would not fight under any circumstances. He’s taking DMX’s old spot. Go to YouTube and watch the Ruff Ryders Anthem music video, that ninja was nuts.
  • Chad Ford continues to earn his paycheck, this time talking about Yi. I will refrain any and all comments on Yi until I see him play some regular season games.
  • Sidenote…this is just one of those crazy summer NBA things, everyone is pretty sure that Boston is going to be the team that gets KG and just like that he squashes all of that like a bug. I bet it would be so much fun to report the L right now.
  • Now this is just unbelievable. Reportedly the Nets and the Cavs are looking to over Andray Blatche five-year deals with a first year salary of around 4 million. Really? That much for a guy who averaged three and three this year? Cleveland you’re really going to pay a guy who only played in two games against you in the first round? This is one of your key off-season moves? Really New Jersey? You forgot you just drafted Josh Boone and have an onslaught of stiffs already on your roster? People refuse to use their brains in the NBA.
  • Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie laid the smackdown on Larry Brown during their interview. I’m not sure what the point of even talking to him was then but hey, I’m just glad they tried something different. I’m telling you watch when Sacramento and Charlotte are doing better than Indiana and ask Coup why?
  • Atlanta Hawks fans have got to be scared out of their minds. I mean think about…if any team needed #1 or #2 it was probably them. They definitely did not deserve it with their past lottery failures but it would have made life much easier. Instead…they are pretty much on dead end street. If they go the BPA (Best Player Available) route and take Horford or B Wright, they’ll be criticzed for adding something they already have. (Their names are Shelden and Marvin Williams). If they go with Conley, they get the PG they need but is Mike Conley really a #3 pick? Plus word is that the Hawks are looking for “defense at the point.” Oh lord. You need a point guard before you can get all choosy. I still think their best bet is Horford and Crittenton.
  • Speaking of which Coup, mock draft III coming soon?
  • Keyon Dooling and Pat Garrity are sticking with the Magic. Dooling will look to flourish under old coach Stan Van Gundy while Garrity will look to continue to steal money from the NBA.
  • Apprently Big Baby is back. I was wondering where that guy went. He probably should have come out last year huh? Oh well, someone is going to get a steal. Remember Carlos Boozer went 35th…