Kobe Being a White Girl?


Kobe and his newfound behavior is quite similar to that of a white girl. A wealthy, spoiled one to be exact. While many could call those strong words, I just call them the truth. What is the major difference between Kobe’s behavior and the previous actions of say a Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. I mean take a moment to think about it…people are posting videos of his rants (ala TMZ.com), there is constant talk about him (ala US Weekly), he posts messages on his website going off about it (think Anna Nicole, Britney Spears, etc.) and he is certainly adament and unhappy on one subject (being traded). You cannot convince me that Kobe is not acting just a bit like a little white princess

In my mind this Kobe “saga” is almost like a bad romantic comedy. You know the couple is going to end up together in the end so why invest in such a terrible movie? It seems like this summer’s big story that ends up being nothing. I can’t remember last year’s but you know the one that gets all the attention, everyone talks about it and at the end of the day nothing happens. It usually invovles TO. People, listen to me: The Lakers are not retarded. Do you really think that the Lakers would be so stupid to trade Kobe right now knowing that they are going to get at best 60 cents to the dollar? They already have the dubious distinction of trading Shaq away (for fruit and nuts) and then trading Caron Butler for Kwame Brown. They can’t really make any more dumb moves without getting threats of violence from their fans. And I do not think anyone (especially a guy who calles himself Doctor) would want to go down in infamy as the guy who traded Shaq and Kobe. That would be like if Justin Timberlake were to stop banging Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johannson to instead go after Amanda Bynes. Think about it.

There is a theory floating around that Kobe saw how a one-note team like LeBron could get to the Finals from the East, which made him say enough was enough. I could see Kobe sitting on his coach, watching LeBron cruise through the playoffs and then the light bulb going off in his head. The problem that I am not completely sure that Kobe understands is that for a team to acquire him they are going to have to gut themselves. Here is why I say that I am not completely sure Kobe understands. Kobe obviously believes going to the East would be easier because he thinks he can carry a team with ease. That would be a little more easier said than done but definitely possible. In the back of mind though I think that Kobe is just trying to force the Lakers hand. He desperately wants them to make a move and he has been trying to get their attention from the minute they lost the Phoenix series. They kept doing nothing, so he kept doing more to get their attention. It is almost like when a girlfriend nags about a subject. She starts out being nice about it, but the longer you don’t do it, the more it makes her angry and the bigger of a deal it becomes. Now you’re sitting there while she brings up things from 12 months ago (because all females bring up old subjects to use later) because you wouldn’t take the trash out.

I do you really buy that he honestly wants out of LA? Do you buy that he no longer wnats to be the number one star on the West? He is the face of the Lakers, one of the most recognizable teams in sports. Perhaps Kobe is just trying to get traded so he can ensure he will have the top-selling jersey next year. But I disgress. Again it seems as if Kobe is just trying to put himself in a “win-win” situation. If he does end up getting traded, it will more than likely be to the East where he will have an “easier” time carrying a sorry team. If he does not get traded, the Lakers will have likely made at least one move to better that team. Remember this is a Laker team that was staring at the #5 seed until injuries forced a complete collapse.

Also, grasp this concept. The guy is damn near untradeable. He has reportedly handpicked his three teams that he wants to go to and has a no-trade clause. There is no chance in hell the Lakers send him to Phoenix or Dallas, a team they will have to see multiple times in the year and probably face in the playoffs. Out East that leaves Chicago and New York and I do not think they have enough to get Kobe. The Lakers thrive on superstars…you think all those celebrities are coming out to watch Luol Deng? Me neither. The Knicks, as illustrated here, simply do not have enough to put a package together. Count on Kobe being in the purple and gold next year. The Lakers are perfectly happy with dealing with the Kobe issue when they absolutely have to.

  • High sense of urgency in Houston these days. While you do need a power forward, I don’t think trading one of your top shooters in Luther Head for Brian Cook is really too smart.
  • Yesterday, Peter Vescey kicked off his summer of pure idiocy with a bang. He wrote about how Rashard Lewis could possibly not be a free agent because he didn’t turn in some paperwork. Turns out he did.
  • The Jerry Sloan/Kirilenko saga continues. There is a funny part where they ask Sloan if the Kirilenko situation is similar to Kirk Snyder and Sloan basically says probably but Kirilenko is better. And he’s also white. I’ll be here all week.
  • Oden’s Arrival. I like the guy who ran off the plane and told everyone ‘ODEN’S ON THE PLANE!’ What a guy.
  • I’m telling you people are reading this blog and not saying anything. First, Chad Ford finally jumps on the ‘Corey Brewer to Boston’ bandwagon in his fourth mock draft (it took us one to say that) and now all the talk in Utah is if Morris Almond is the one.
  • Kudos to the Kings for hiring Reggie Theus instead of Larry Brown. The drama that Brown could have created with Artest might have killed the Kings franchise. Now you’ve got the smooth operator in the building. Good move.
  • Kenny Anderson hired to coach the Atlanta Krunk of the CBA. Make your own joke.

Sports Guy came in with his ‘VP of common sense’ article for the Draft. I saw the words No Balls Association three times in the Portland Trailblazers part. I have a feeling I’m going to have something to say about this…