The San Antonio Spurs took care of business and they did it their way. Normally I might be a little peeved that Tony Parker got the Finals MVP over Tim Duncan but…

Chauncey Billups already ruined the lineage so Parker can’t do much worse.

The guy was amazing, Cleveland had negative answers for him.

He’s about to marry Eva Longoria. They had to give it to him for all of the shots of Eva they get a game.

Last night on SportsCenter, Bill Walton made an excellent point when he said that Cleveland’s best player wasn’t as good as San Antonio’s third best player. And it is true. LeBron took a mind numbing 30 shots and ended up 24 points. No matter what way you slice it that is a terrible game. Look at one of LeBron’s peers Dwyane Wade. He may have poor shooting nights but the guy always finds a way to get to the line which gets his game going. Granted he has no shooters and no big men and no help, but you get my point. My question to Cleveland is why are you taking 22 three pointers? You have no shooters. The sequence that wrapped up the game in my eyes was with 6:07 in the 4th quarter, Cleveland up 63-62…Donyell Marshall overshoots a wide open three from the corner, Gibson gets the rebound and kicks it to a wide open Damon Jones who hits front rim. Those are their SHOOTERS missing HORRIBLY on OPEN SHOTS. Then of course San Antonio has the ball back, Ginobli sees Damon Jones on him and goes into complete attack mode getting an and one. Game over right there.

Last note on the Finals…how do you not feel bad for Eric Snow? I mean there the guy was, pouring his heart out with a speech that even got me hyped…and his teammates could care less. LeBron was just sitting there chewing his nails not even acknowledging a word the man said. Daniel Gibson couldn’t care less and Varejao was being Brazilian. It was just awkward to watch, because it was a damn good inspiring speech (which I guess worked) but it felt so awkward watching the non-reaction. Coup and I had a discussion about LeBron just looking so bored out there. It is crazy, I was just watching the old NBA Finals film of the 91 series between the Bulls and the Lakers before that game yesterday. The huddles were completely different. Phil was in charge, MJ would nod his head and his teammates would say stuff. They were a team. MJ carried the Bulls with Bill Cartwright and Cliff Livingston as his post players. LeBron is just not a natural born leader and the most disappointing part of this series was viewing his complete disinterest.

The question of the Spurs being a dynasty…I’ll admit I am on the fence leaning more towards no. Yes, the Spurs have been one of the top teams for a while in the L. However when you bring me the word dynasty I envision a team that is completely unbeatable. They know it, their opponents know it, the fans know it even the people who hate them know it. A team that has a dynasty is someone you either love, hate but you have to respect them. When you argue about a team that was a dynasty, no matter who is attempting to play devil’s advocate you can always find a reason to make that person go ‘damn you’re right’. I got that from the Lakers dynasty. And the fact that the Lakers were a dynasty during this supposed Spurs dynasty kind of makes me scratch my head. They are a perennial top team with Pop, Duncan, Parker and Manu. I mean look they played Jacque Vaughn major minutes and it works. That machine is unstoppable when it is running on all cylinders. But I hesitate to call them a dynasty because while they have always been in title talk, it has always been easy to pick another team. Even in their own conference. This year it was Dallas, Phoenix and San Antonio. Hands down I thought the Spurs were the best team of the three (even though I picked them to lose to Phoenix) but you never had the feeling that they were completely dominant. What is needed for a dynasty is that dominance over a significant amount of time. The Spurs have the time part time and the championships to enter the argument, they just don’t quite have that dominance.

  • Yesterday when I was talking about the Juwan Howard/Mike James swap I forgot to mention this guy. How could I forget about Randy Foye? I remember on draft day I was actually upset that the Blazers traded him for Brandon Roy. I never said I was the smartest one, but when it comes down to it the guy has game.
  • Carlos Delfino to the Raptors. Beautiful trade by Toronto. I always thought Delfino and Detroit were just a terrible mix. I think he will fit in perfectly with Toronto and their stream of non-black players. Maybe he can emerge from his ‘crappy Euro guy’ label. Colangelo…he is good.
  • Jermaine O’Neal is probably not going to the Lakers. Pacers are apparently asking for Odom, Bynum and Kwame Brown. For Jermaine and Troy Murphy. It’s funny how a couple years ago that would have been an easy trade the other way. Now it is laughable. There is no way they can lose Odom and Bynum.
  • Durant acclimates himself to Seattle. I love how Durant basically doesn’t have to do anything…no private workouts, no camps, nothing. That has to be an amazing draft process experience.
  • News Flash; the Celtics have no clue what they are doing. Eight guys? Really? You need to draft Corey Brewer…end of story.
  • You know what I was thinking as I read our mock draft…what happened to all the Europeans? There are usually always Euros taking over the draft, but for some reason this year there has just not been that much buzz.I personnally love it. I don’t have to shake my head as I watch grainy highlights.

    And now lets switch gears and talk about *gulp* BASEBALLLLLLLL?

    This is the thing about baseball…nothing is ever for sure. Remember when the Yankees were dead? Oh yeah they’ve only won NINE in a row no big deal. Of course they are still 7.5 games behind the Red Sox but still, anything can happen in baseball. My frustration with baseball is that there are only four playoff spots per league. I hate that. They should have more wild card teams. Look at the AL West. You’ve got three pretty good teams and only one of them are going to make the playoffs. Its crazy. But maybe that is just the basketball fan in me talking. I’m also not so sure why everyone is calling for doomsday on the Cubs. For one there is a ton of baseball left to be played. And secondly, they are 5 games behind the Milwaukee Brewers. Really? You think they are going to hold on?

    Quick football sidenote…I like how the Jaguars said they want Daunte Culpepper. Forget that you have two perfectly good QB’s. I just don’t get it.