Coup pretty much said a lot of what I was going to say but I’ll piggyback on some of the stuff he said. Lets put this performance into perspective. In this years playoffs this is the first magical performance by a player. Last year we were spoiled by Dirk’s dominance and D-Wade’s emergence. This year has been a completely different playoffs. We’ve been waiting for something like this to happen, and now that it has the world is going crazy. Let’s be real…LeBron couldn’t have dropped 63 on Boston at the Boston Garden. He couldn’t have done what he did last night in the previous era. Someone would have taken him out on one of his drives to the baskets. Case closed. My question is…what were the Pistons doing? Flip…Cleveland has ONE guy and he is absolutely going off…no double team? No adjustment? Make someone else beat you no matter what. I would have given the rest of the Cavs open layups then let him just keep destroying you. Look at all the highlights…LeBron is in absolute control on every move. The objective of a defender is to take the offensive player out of his rhythm, to make him do something he does not want to do. If you let a good offensive player take the shot he wants to take, he’s going to make it more times than not. Detroit let LeBron do whatever he wanted to do.

Also, if Cleveland pulls this out (which is far from guaranteed) they have zero chance against San Antonio. Absolutely none. If Denver, Phoenix and Utah couldn’t do it then Cleveland has no chance in hell of coming close. Ditto for Detroit.

Simmons wrote an article on LeBron making LeLeap. A bit premature mixed with some overreaction, especially considering that the Cavs haven’t even won the series yet, a series where both are preparing to get slaughtered. Its sad that all of the gushing and love is kind of taking away my ability to appreciate what LeBron did last night. I mean remember, good players have had great playoff games. Look at VC.

And Coup…you can’t really think that Billy the Kid is going to do well in Orlando? That was one of those decisions purely meant to appease a fanbase and it is going to backfire.

  • There is a good reason why I have barely touched this whole Kobe thing: its not a big deal. Yeah, I said it. Kobe always does crazy stuff in the summer and this is just him venting a little anger. Its kind of like in high school when the “picture-perfect” couple actually gets in a fight for once…there are those who are shocked and start freaking out (aka the people who started rambling about trades and what not) and there are those who know they are getting back together the next day (aka moi).
  • The French Open has not been good to Americans…matter of fact Serena Williams is the last one left. I’m telling you if I was a TV exec, I would hate the French Open. Who the hell is left that is marketable besides Federer, Nadal, Sharapova and Serena?
  • Lovely rumors courtesy of Chad Ford and his ESPN Insider blog…Pritchard is supposedly trying to get another pick and use it on Corey Brewer or another SF and not Mike Conley Jr. If that were to happen…dear lord I would wet myself.
  • By the way kudos to ABC for the NBA Finals commercial for actually being good and having to do with basketball. If the Pussycat Dolls open up Game 1, I’m getting my neighbor to write a letter.