• Coaching changes abound in the L. Rick Adelman is to Houston, which I believe is a really good move. Adelman has been to the playoffs in fourteen of the sixteen seasons he has coached. That right there is unbelievable consistency. There is a reason why no one talks about his two-year stay in Golden State. Adelman should be considered one of the best coaches of all time. The only knack on him is that he has never won the big one. His teams have always been there and always been competitive but have never been over the hump. And now he’s going to be paired with a player in Tracy McGrady who keeps going there but can’t even get over the first hump. Together their karma is wicked overdue right?
  • Brian Hill is apparently out in Orlando…which I think is just dumb. Rule #1 as a GM; don’t make decisions based on exactly what the fans want. We’re great, we’re loyal but the majority of us don’t know what we’re talking about. Apparently there was griping about how Hill didn’t use Darko and JJ and how he Dwight didn’t get along…you just made the playoffs. The man did his job and he is still getting fired for it. That doesn’t make any sense, especially in a year when there are not that many great coaches out there. I disagree with the Magic’s logic here.
  • Sam Vincent is going to be named coach of the Bobcats. Apparently there is a new thing to hire former black players by the name of Sam. If it worked for Toronto it could work for Charlotte. The Bobcats are making the playoffs this year. Remember I said that.
  • Also…to all the idiots who wrote about tanking and how the lottery needed to be changed. I told you so. This is the best system possible. You don’t get rewarded for losing. Let this be a lesson to all next year; tanking doesn’t do you any good. Just see how good Boston and Milwaukee feel. And also Memphis and Boston stop yapping about how terrible the lottery system is. You sound like a little kid who complains about the rules of a game because his little sister beat him.
  • Also I have no interest in the actual games being played right now. Call me when the Finals or something interesting happens, whichever comes first.
  • Hawks fans have to be happy they are getting two lottery picks but they also have to be trembling because they are getting two lottery picks. That’s two more chances for the Hawks to screw it up…what do they do though? Do they take Conley at #3? For some reason that just sounds way too high but I’m sure they’ll do it because they need a PG.
  • The media is talking about the wrong LeBron play. LeBron kicking it to the corner was just a gut instinct, a genuine good basketball play. MJ has done it before kicking to BJ Armstrong in the corner to beat the Knicks. Kicking it to Paxson and Kerr. They of course were all lights out shooters…LBJ kicked it to Donyell Marshall. Huge difference. The play they should talk about is when he had the ball in the post, waited for a double team and then kicked it to Zydrunas Ilguskas so he could shoot a jumper. Penetrating and hitting the open man is not a bad play at all. People should be talking about dumb Detroit was for leaving a three point shooter that wide open in the corner. LeBron has his faults but don’t criticize him for something like that. I think there is a group of people out there who want LeBron to be something that he has not become and a group of people who question if he is ever going to become what they want him to be. And I feel like Bill Walton. God that made sense when I started typing.
  • Pat Riley emerges from the depths to criticize the lottery. Hey Pat…why don’t you work on the Heat or something, unless you plan on being in the lottery soon. Because last time I checked…things were looking a little bleak in the MIA.
  • It’s official; if something bad ever happens to you or things don’t go exactly as they need to call Bob Wolfley from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. They guy actually tried to find a way to make the Bucks and their fall to #6 sound like a good thing. By talking about pasts #6 draft choices. What a guy.
  • Roy Hibbert is going back to college….unfortunately he couldn’t bring Jeff Green back with him.