This game is dreadful. Lawrence Frank finally gave Jason Kidd alpha dog status tonight and it is paying off. Stop going through VC. Frank is the better coach in this series and it is starting to show. Can you believe Mike Brown didn’t even give his team a speech? He gave them no extra motivation…buddy…THIS IS WHEN YOUR TEAM NEEDS YOU. They need that speech to focus them, to give them a little oomph to get over the hump. Especially a team that is known to sleep walk through games. Think about it…leaving them alone was the worst possible thing he could have done. They are up 3-1, they are inexperienced and they have crapped the bed. They were ripe for a letdown and it came tonight. Now Cleveland is headed toward Game 7. Jason Kidd is not about let his team lose at home again no way in hell. You wanna bet against the Nets in a deciding game?

I love how Marcus Williams came in, turned the ballover, fouled Daniel Gibson and then had to stumble back to the bench. Good job buddy.

Also…that Mikki Moore foul on Donyell Marshall….horrible call by the refs. He didn’t even touch him. Reggie Miller and Dick Stockton tried to make him sound like the biggest idiot ever instead of doing their job and calling the refs out for making such a ridiculous call.

Scrubs re-runs on Comedy Central = better than the end of this game.

Can’t wait for the MAIIIIIIIN EVENT.

Tonight will be the defining game of Steve Nash’s career. He has two (well one) of his weapons gone and is in an underdog role.

You know what…how did everyone just up and forget that the Suns played without Amare for a whole year? The smaller they are, the more they play their style and you can see it early. The pace is right to their liking and the Spurs are struggling. I really like the desperation and determination the Suns have come out with.

Conspiracy Theory; David Stern made the call to the officials for them to give the Suns the game, hence Tony Parker getting in early foul trouble. Why? So everyone will shut up.

4:24 left in the 4th quarter, Phoenix is up 79-74…you all know if I told you that was going to be the score at this point you would say San Antonio was up. This Phoenix team…I didn’t think they could even win ugly.

Good to see the Ginobli I used to love and hate is still alive…that flop to get three free-throws was crazy. It is annoying and hurting the game of basketball, but you gotta hand it to the guy he does it better than some soccer players.

Bruce Bowen has been forcing the issue tonight which has led to his struggles…and you can see he has kind of lost some confidence. He had a wide open corner three which is his money shot and he passed it up to Ginobli (who got fouled). We’ll see what happens down the stretch.

Oh my god this is what an interesting playoff game is like? No way.

My dog, after sitting on my lap all game, decides that with 2:55 left it is a good time to walk towards the door and let me know she has to go out. There is a god and he is cruel.

San Antonio….just won’t die. Phoenix is just trying to survive right now.

Flopping…so fruity. I hate it…but hey karma just bit Ginobli in the ass. And then it did it again as he turned it over.

Apparently more proof that I’m an idiot; Bowen indeed didn’t lose his confidence and hit the biggest shot of the game.

Throw out the box score on this one. Two of the best coaches showed why they are the best tonight. I mean really hand it to Pop and D’Antoni they coached their asses off and gave their teams the best chance to win. I mean they were playing chess, countermoving and everything. Two of the best teams showed why they are the best tonight. San Antonio outwilled the Suns in a game where both teams played well, both teams played hard and both teams deserved to win. As bummed as I might be and as easy as it is to hate Ginobli and his anctics, you absolutely have to give all the credit in the world to him. For all his disappearances this playoffs, he showed up tonight and he is the reason the Spurs won. He stepped it up when Duncan was on the bench and when they went on that run he sparked them. Phoenix had their chances but were running on E. This isn’t a game where you can really point and say ‘They didn’t do this’…both teams played their asses off.

“At the end of the day its just basketball to me” – LeBron James