Did you hear TO practiced?


Seriously, who cares?! I love my Cowboys and all that, but who gives a damn if he practiced in a May mini-camp. Thank god coach Phillips dealt with it easy and got it out of the way instead of doing what Parcells did. Wade even called him Terrel, awwwwww.

  • As for that game this afternoon, can’t say I was surprised one bit. Not because I picked the Bulls but because they were at least good enough to avoid a sweep. The Pistons have beaten them, sure, but what has killed Chi-town is it’s inconsistency from the perimeter. There was too much talent there not to show up one out of four games. Don’t let anyone tell you this is a series now, this was a win for pride.

Even though I still can’t forgive Tyrus Thomas for his comments about the Slam Dunk Contest, the kid has some sort of motor, and a killer instinct to boot. In terms of mental makeup, the rook is the anti-Kirilenko of athletic hustle guys. Probably won’t ever be a huge scorer, unless he develops more of a post-game and/or mid-range jumper, but could be a very important piece for a contender someday.

  • Tonight should be a closer game, but Golden State is not losing at home barring any key injuries. I originally projected this series to be done in 6, but since GS failed to steal one in Salt Lake, I can see it going 7 easily. I think most people would rather see GS take on San Antonio in the WCF’s than Utah.
  • On that note, David Stern must be feeling queasy as the impending notion of a Spurs-Pistons Finals dawns upon him. Just as unsexy as it sounded in 2005 but that turned out to be a very enjoyable series thanks to Ginobili and Horry. Horry’s dunk with a limp shoulder in OT of Game 5 got me on my feet the same way Baron did the other day. The sad thing is, such a series is probably bad for basketball, as evidenced by a friend of mine who insisted that the Spurs were an unlikable and evil team. Huh?

Sure you may have your issues with Parker or Ginobili, but how can you not appreciate what this program, and Duncan, have done. They have been here year after year for at least 8 seasons and have done so with very little flash or fanfare — they’re like the pre-offseason of ’07 Patriots (albeit on a shorter basis). Just consistency at it’s finest. It disturbs me that just by shooting alot of 3’s and running a faster pace can a team like the Suns be as adored as a newborn baby.

I’ve said it before, Nash is the equivalent of a very succesful system-QB in college. Nash did not suddenly become as better player when he got to Pheonix, D’antoni put him in the perfect position to thrive. Just watch the way Jason Kidd makes the plodding New Jersey offense look somewhat respectable and tell me Kidd couldn’t run a team as loaded as the Suns with at least as much efficiency — shit Kidd even plays defense too, not just passing lanes like Nash does. I will still associate the fanfare of Nash and the Suns with Nash’s skin color and the general dearth of quality PG’s in the L, along with D’antoni’s brilliance, as I will with their actual performance (which is impossible to deny).

  • Remember when Lebron was being compared to Magic Johnson?
  • Little shoutout to Ottawa for their win last night in double-OT. Still don’t think Hockey will ever really catch on again, but the playoffs are always a good time.
  • 9 Days till Doomsday.