Global Icon?


When exactly did LeBron James change?

I’m trying to pinpoint the exact moment when it happened but I am failing miserably. When was the last time LBJ legitimately smiled? What happened to the funny, likable LeBron from the LeBrons commercials?

I’m not one to judge, but for some reason I get vibes from him that scream a-hole.

Maybe it is the fact that he coasted his way through the season. Or the fact that he made a lawnmower commercial where he had no lines. Or how terribly his ESPN playoff commercial sounded and looked…I mean literally it seemed like they held him at gunpoint.

Maybe its when he said he wanted to be a Global Icon. You don’t really ask for those kind of things, they just happen. Contrast MJ and LBJ.

Maybe it is his new ‘diplomatic’ behavior. Everything he answers is almost diplomatic, as if he is devoid of any personality. Check this out…when LBJ was asked about not making the All-NBA First Team here is what he had to say (courtesy of the Beacon Journal)

“It doesn’t matter for me. I’m happy to be part of an elite group, it doesn’t matter first or second team,” James said. “I’ve just got to play well for my teammates and continue to get better.”

Seriously LeBron? It doesn’t matter…not even the tiniest bit? Don’t lie. He isn’t very open and if he is going to be like this, he’s got to pull a Tim Duncan and just be bland. You can’t have it all LeBron. That is something a college coach tells his players to say.

And then in the USA Today on Tuesday, there was a cover story in the Sports section on Inside the NBA. On the second page there was an inset with various NBA players and their thoughts about the show…here is what LeBron had to say.

“I’d rather watch the games than Kenny and Charles. I just go out and play…I don’t get into what other people say or what they feel is going on wit hthe game. I do respect some of their comments. But I still got to go out and prepare myself the way I can.”

Ok…who doesn’t like Inside the NBA? Secondly, the question had nothing to do with you LeBron. Nothing at all. Yet LBJ found a way to drop 6’s “I’s” and talk about himself.

And I hope it hurts you watching Carlos Boozer and realizing your post options are the Z Man who has been running on fumes since 99 and Sideshow Bob.

Some global icon….

Thinking about the playoffs…quality wise it has been a pretty solid and exciting second season. But thinking about it…there aren’t any moments that have really taken us by surprise (minus Golden State but I knew that was coming). There has been no ok player on a crappy team in a contract year who has ensured he is going to get overpaid this summer, ala Jerome James. There have been absolutely no buzzer-beaters. Only one guy is even sniffing making the leap and that is Deron Williams, everyone else is either regaining form (Baron Davis) or regressing (VC). This is a pivotal weekend for the semifinals. Chicago and Detroit is done just a matter of when. Golden State and New Jersey have come close; now they have to do their jobs and win on their home court. San Antonio took home court advantage away and can go for the juggular with two wins. Phoenix needs to get it back desperately.

Tonight is Golden State/Utah. The Warriors have to be ecstatic to be back in the Oracle. They are going to need that crowd to carry them. There is no doubt in my mind that the Jazz can’t win in Oakland. The thing about the Jazz is they are a terrific home team as they went 31-10 during the regular season and are 5-0 so far in the postseason. On the road however the Jazz were 20-21…dismal. Add to that the crazyness only known as the Bay Area and you have a recipe for disaster for Utah. Golden State has got to demoralize the Jazz over these next two games and get their confidence back. For the first time this playoffs they looked shaken down the stretch in Game 2. The one thing they have always had is a looseness and confidence about them, a swagger that has allowed their style to excel. As you can see in OT, if that swagger is gone they are severely hurt. I am jumping ahead of myself a little bit, but Game 5 is going to make or break the series for Golden State. If somehow they lose one of these home games it is over, no chance in hell they take two in Utah. They have to win the next four in a row if they want to win the series.

One thing I would like to see from Don Nelson is a little more use of his bench in these two home games. I think Jasikevicius could only help them, unless he pulls a Carlos Arroyo and only kills in World competition. Golden State wins this one in another classic.

Also…I’m tired of hearing about Dale Earnhardt Jr and NASCAR in general. I just don’t care. I don’t want to see it on SportsCenter and I sure as hell don’t want to see a race. Ditto for the Arena Football League and the constant poker is grating on me. I would rather watch the WNBA than all of those.

Becky Hammon and Stacey Dales are bomb.