Game Thoughts

  • Quick and hearty F-U to Simmons for talking about how underrated Tim Duncan is. I literally have been saying this the entire year to anyone would listen. And I got laughed at over and over again. “Tim Duncan? Are you serious?” I even tried to have the conversation with Coup and he just laughed in my face. I did never compare him to Harrison Ford so there we go.
  • As tough as it is to play in Utah I’d like to give them an F-U for the attempted Blueout. Not feeling it…what is this UNC? Plus if you pay attention, the building is not even full all of the way. Major downgrade.
  • Utah successfully sustained the worst possible scenario. No Fisher, Deron Williams gets in foul trouble and Dee Brown gets hurt. AK plugged the wound and with Williams back in it is all stitched up. And watching this game reminds me of the old runs that the Jazz would put on the Blazers. I swear if there is one team that I hated growing up it was Utah.
  • AK is MVP of the game so far. Not only for his 9 points and his play at PG but he is just superactive. Milsap has given them so great minutes too. Utah always has guys like him and I can’t figure it out but Milsap is good/bad. On one side he is a beast on the other he can’t really guard anyone.
  • 0 Fast Break points for GS with 9:44 left….ouch.
  • Matt Harpring cannot guard Jason Richardson. They need to give him the ball everytime. How do I know? Look, Harpring is reacting at every jabstep and move Richardson makes. He’s not anticipating or making Richardson do anything he doesn’t want to do.
  • Biedrins makes two clutch free throws…damn.
  • Boozer…too much of a bruiser. He’s getting that Shaq syndrome where he stops using his brain and just pounds it.
  • Is Matt Barnes clutch? I mean how many big buckets has he hit these playoffs, and every single time he shoots it I go “hell nah” and it goes in.
  • Baron Davis stepping out of bounds late in a game? Only happens in Utah I swear.
  • Pietrus clanks two free throws…in other news France/US relations go down as men with dreadlocks and backpacks start jumping as many French people as they see.
  • Utah is so going to hit this three…dear lord. I can already see it coming. Its like a bad movie that I have seen over and over again. Dear lord. If it goes to OT the Jazz win with ease. And this is all on gut feelings.
  • I called it.
  • Oh lord it was only a two. What is Stephen Jackson doing? Give them the two pointer!! All you have to do is make sure Okur doesn’t get it…that way he definitely can’t get a three. But you turn your head and almost cost the Warriors the series.
  • Pure unadulterated thoughts…only at the Project people.
  • BD makes one of two…113-111…I HATE UTAH I HATE UTAH I HATE UTAH. If Utah wins this one they are winning the series.
  • Deron Williams nails a clutch jumper to tie it…is anyone having flashbacks to Mike Bibby when he made the leap with his clutch jumpers. Somewhere Chris Paul has thrown a remote control through a wall.
  • BD of course misses the three….this is so typical Utah. I hate it. I do believe I said if it goes to oT the Jazz win with ease…..damn.
  • I. Told. You. So.
  • Sooooo this is how OT has gone so far; BD botches saving the tip as it goes out of bounds. Boozer gets an easy layup, Golden State turns it over and Deron hits a three. Up 5 like that. I’m telling you it is something about that damn building.
  • Also, I can’t stand the Go-Jazz-Go chant and the music that accompanies it. How fruity is that?
  • Big turnover by Boozer…this is Golden State’s chance. They have to score or that evil Utah crowd will swallow them whole.
  • They didn’t. Matt Barnes and clutch will never be in the same sentence again, I’m sorry Basketball Gods.
  • This game is crazy…there have been about two or three dagger moments that Utah usually sticks and they didn’t.
  • Derek Fisher would hit the dagger three.

A great game….but I’m telling you Golden State is going to hate themselves for this one. I mean, this series is far from over and the Warriors are unstoppable in Oakland. They pushed Utah deep in two games…but they just blew an oppurtunity to make things easy. You don’t get too many chances to win in Salt Lake, ask Houston they never got this close in the first round. Now Golden State is going to have to win four in a row…they can’t win Game 7 in Salt Lake.

Good point by Dick Stockton…this could hit Golden State and their confidence. They looked defeated going into Overtime and they got ran over. It’s the same story, different day.

Watching the highlights…Golden State really kicked this one away. Really bad. Kirilenko stepped it up bigtime. But who is going to be the next guy for Utah to step up?

Kudos to Derek Fisher.