Draft Thoughts


First off, I should have said the league wants Wade “to be the star…and stay that way.” And you and I both know it’s not only about going to the line. That replay of Hinrich showed Wade gambling and nudging Kirk off balance, forcing him to step back over the line, that is called as a foul on most anyone else (not Mamba though).

Now some draft thoughts –

Best Pick of the Draft: This award doubles as Ballsiest Pick and goes to Detroit for having the gall to pick another wideout, Calvin Johnson. If everything we hear about this guy is true, that was a no-brainer. When absolutely everyone else (Except oaktown) wants this guy, and the only thing stopping you is a shady draft-past, it’s probably best to suck it up and take him…fortunately the Lions did. If Kevin Jones has a decent year, that is going to be a very fun offense to watch with Johnson and Roy Williams on either side. I’ll be taking Kitna in my fantasy draft, thank you.

Worst Pick of the Draft: Ted Ginn Jr. Anyone who says otherwise is just trying to be different. Don’t try to tell me Quinn dropped to 22 because all those teams in between had young QB’s and/or more pressing needs. Miami is going to regret this severely next year when Ginn can’t even crack the slot spot open. Enjoy your punt returner guys.

Best Trade: The end of the first saw a number of trades and the best was between the Cowboys and Browns at 22. The Browns moved up and got their guy, Quinn, while the ‘Boys picked up the Browns ’08 first rounder. A pricey move for the Browns…I hope they know what they are getting with Quinn, he’s no Pro-Bowler if you ask me, but could be serviceable. The biggest caveat for Dallas is that they managed to trade back into the first at 26 and get the guy they wanted at 22, Anthony Spencer (Purdue), who, from all I have seen and read, is an outstanding pass-rusher. Essentially Dallas gave up a 3rd and a 5th-rounder for what could end up being a Top-5 pick in next year’s draft.

Most underrated Fall: Alan Branch, DT (Michgan). While the rest of the broadcasters were freaking out about Quinn and his not-so-hot girly, I was shouting expletives about Alan Branch, who was once projected as a Top-10 guy and rarely below 20. ESPN failed to mention a single thing about him all day on Saturday, leading me to believe there was some sort of undisclosed injury. We still don’t know why he dropped, other than possible concerns about his motor, so I hope to find out soon.

Pick that Immediately Made me Afraid of a Defense: LaRon Landry, S (LSU), to the Redskins. Are you kidding me, the ‘Skins now have two headhunters with Landry and Sean Taylor. Teams are going to be afraid to go across the middle with these guys on the prowl. If I’m a coach, I’m making sure I protect my guys somehow…which should be easy since the Redskins won’t be good in most other areas so, at least for now, teams can work around those devastating safeties.

Pick that Immediatly Made me Afraid of an Offense: The 110th pick. Not who was picked there, but how it was used. New England traded No. 110 to Oakland for Randy Moss. Wow, great, as if the Pats weren’t going to be dominant enough last year, they go and add arguably the most talented receiver in the league. Your telling me Coach B wont be able to get Moss to put in work day in and day out? Yeah, right.