Couper…you were right. And I was wrong. But so are you. I could go on and on about how Miami beat themselves tonight (there is no argument there, they missed 15 free throws) but it would be useless.

Tonight let me know that there was a certain intangible that the Bulls have picked up.


They gutted this win out. They absolutely gutted this win out. This is a completely different Bulls team than in the past. These are not the inexperienced, collapsing Baby Bulls. These are the new and improved Chicago Bulls. And the biggest difference between them and the Heat is simple; Chicago wants it more. They need it more. They cannot go through another summer of disappointment, wondering ‘what if’ to themselves. As underwhelming as Ben Wallace has played, I really think he has had an impact on them. He has given them a belief that they can win this series. Because need I remind you the Baby Bulls were in full force when they fell down 72-60. At that point I thought it was over; no way the Heat were letting that go and no way were the Baby Bulls coming back.

But they did. They wanted it and they went out and busted their asses to get it. Nothing but respect for them. I still don’t enjoy watching them play and I still think they will never contend for a championship, but this is their year. The Heat were the perfect matchup for the Bulls. Not only because of the advantages that Chicago has, but because their hunger was going to outmatch Miami’s times 10. Let me put it this way; Miami just ate, and sure they would love to eat..but not because they need to, because they know it tastes good. Chicago on the other hand is starving and it shows.

And Dwyane Wade. You are my favorite player, the man who I say is #1. I could gush over your guts to play with one arm…but I refuse to. You have not had a good series. Your defense has not been there, your decision making has been terrible with way too many turnovers and you could not make a free throw to save your life. You’re still the man, but I hope this summer that this eats at you and you make the next step to assasin next year.

I mean…even Dick Bavetta tried to help Miami. He made two calls (the backcourt and the charge) but Miami couldn’t capitalize. I told my friend rooting for Chicago to calm down because Bavetta was refereeing.

No for what Couper to say…ridiculous. First off, D-Wade did not push Hinrich over for the backcourt violation. The replays showed that;

  1. D-Wade made a terrible gamble going for a steal.
  2. Hinrich clearly stepped over the line

You could argue that Bavetta made a late call but to call it a foul or not a backcourt violation is ridiculous.

Your second assertation that “the league so desperately wants Wade to be a star just reeks…” ummm I’m pretty sure he already is a star. He went to the line 8 times. Nothing astronomical. Stars have been getting treatment like this for years. Your precious Mamba gets it even better so I don’t want to hear that. Besides, I’m pretty sure D-Wade made himself a star last year by carrying the Heat over Detroit and single-handedly winning the Finals. Disagree? Didn’t think so.

Now…onto something that Couper failed to talk about. Golden State/Dallas. Have you people seen the light yet? What more do you need? Dallas does not matchup well with this team. And now this team has homecourt advantage in front of a hungry fanbase. That crowd was amazing tonight, it was beautiful to hear their enthusiasm. They were not going to let Golden State lose and they aren’t going to let them lose. Don Nelson made a great adjustment by starting Biedrins over Harrington. The thing is…that actually put the Warriors into even more of a normal groove than starting their small lineup. I just do not see anything that is telling me Dallas has a chance at winning this series. I didn’t see it before the playoffs and I don’t see it now. Avery should have gone out and beaten Golden State in their last regular season encounter instead of letting them get a win. They would have demolished the Clippers. Instead they are in for the fight of their lives, a fight which they will not win.

I’d like to thank VC for listening to my advice and watching Kobe. You attack the bleepin basket you get 37 bleepin points. Simple equation Vinsanity. Jason Kidd is playing absolutely amazing basketball. 16 points, 16 rebounds, 19 assists. For Toronto, Bosh disappeared and their point guards turned the ball over 10 times. That will not a W on the road in the playoffs.

In conclusion..I’d love to see my boy D-Wade and Shaq get past the first round but this year they just do not deserve it. I’ll be the first to say that. Am I jumping off the bandwagon?? Hell no. I’m just simply telling it like it is.

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