Curt Schilling is Burning.

Marcus Camby…Defensive Player of the Year? Really? He’s not even guarding Tim Duncan but he’s the best defensive player in the NBA for 2006-07? I’m not seeing it. Sure he led the L in blocks, but I don’t see him as the best Defensive Player. I for sure thought Bruce Bowen or Raja Bell would get it. Oh well, I guess the voters got confused when they couldn’t just scribble Ben Wallace on there and go about their business.

Las Vegas over Oklahoma City?? That could be the verdict for the SuperSonics…what is so wrong with the KeyArena though? Do they have to move? Is there something I’m forgetting here?

MJ’s son is gonna be a walk-on, just like me. He is going to Illinois…I don’t think MJ saw this one coming. I heard the daughter was better than his sons anyway.

Allegedly, Gilbert will be on the next cover of NBA Live. If Madden is a curse, Live has to be a blessing. I mean lets take a look. Live 06 had D-Wade who ended up having a career year and getting a ring. Live 07 was graced by Tracy McGrady, who ended his slump, stayed relatively healthy and is having one of his best years of his career. Washington Wizard fans…take a little joy in this. I beg you.

Speaking of Washington, do not be shocked if they win both games in our Nation’s Capital. Cleveland is the least scary team in the playoffs besides Orlando.

More proof that Detroit is the most dangerous team in the League when their coach doesn’t get in the way; Chris Webber was being left wide open. I mean, when you have so many good players that your opponent is leaving Chris Webber’re pretty damn good. Then again, they are playing the Magic and Flip has not been in a situation where he can panic once.

This article says that LeBron’s “other guys” are not slouches. Actually, they are slouches. That is the main reason why the Cavs are going nowhere fast and backpedaled into the 2 seed. Just because Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden are beating up on Washington doesn’t mean they’ll do it against New Jersey and Toronto. And I still think their strategy is terrible, how does Mike Brown not realize that Washington has no one else? Don’t let Antawn get his and shut everyone else down…everyone else shuts themselves down. I have a feeling it is going to backfire in at least one of these next two games, perhaps even both.

And this is the question that people have been asking me for the last week; can D-Wade get it done? I’m praying he does so the damn text messages stop and my roommate stops screaming ‘LUUUUUUUUUUUU’.

Here is Utah putting their spin on last night’s win. I said Okur and AK did nothing; they disagree. Apparently Okur is now resembling a “Turkish Ben Wallace” and AK is just back to semi-being AK. I kind of think his nickname should be revoked because of his crying incident. He had the whole Drago thing going for him, but Drago did not bleepin’ cry. No man who is called AK47 is allowed to cry, I’m sorry.

This article talks about how Miami is helping entirely too much on defense and it is costing them. This is kind of what I was trying to say on the blog a few days back.

Vince tries to defend his poor shot selection. He fails….miserably. It’s not just the shots, it’s the fact that you keep jacking them up when you aren’t making them Vince. It’s also the fact that you’re dangerous when you attack the basket but you never do. Instead you shoot up 15 foot fadeaways. I hope you took notes from Kobe last night. I feel like I have said these things to you before VC.

The Bulls remember their collapse two years ago. Now this is an underrated fact, one that you have not heard too much of. Pretty much the same team too…don’t think they won’t do it again. I should know, the same elite Blazers teams gagged at home in the Finals against Detroit and then Chicago.

Does anyone else think find this J-Kidd ‘knee injury’ a little fishy? Like are they building in an excuse on why he looks so old out there? An excuse to put Marcus Williams out there more without blantantly saying ‘he can’t keep up with Toronto’s PG’s’. Or perhaps to give Toronto a false sense of security for them to sag off him even more. Hopefully he went to the SHOT doctor…buh dum CHING, I’ll be here all week folks.

Mr. Simers give the Zen Master some praise for last night’s win. You can never ever fully doubt a team coached by Phil Jackson. You just don’t do it. Are the Lakers going to win the series? More than likely no. But would it really surprise you if you they did? Think about it…

Forget ‘Toine, the missing Glove, Stale White Chocolate and the rest….the Heat’s chances reside on three men’s shoulder. Pat Riley and the two stars.

Here is a story on Antawn Jamison having to carry the load for the Wizards. It also reveals more of Cleveland’s stupidity; make him play D which will wear him out. Ummm, eventually he is just going to guard your worst player on the court. You mean to tell me you’re gonna run the offense through Eric Snow or Daniel Gibson?? Cleveland better make an adjustment ASAP before they get embarrassed by the Wiz.

The NFL Draft is tomorrow…JaMarcus Russell just has to be the #1 pick. As beastly as Calvin Johnson maybe, wide receivers come and go and they touch the ball…what a max of 10 times. You need a great QB and Russell has everything. Will I be watching the Draft? Perhaps. I mean after being subjugated to 12 SportsCenter specials with Mock Drafts, 172 different ‘On The Clock’ segments (what was with the fireplace?) and 19239 editions of NFL Live, I am pretty much obligated to at least give it a click or to. Plus I want to see how accurate Mel Kiper Jr. is.

Over in MLB…it’s Red Sox vs. Yankees once again. I’m sorry, there is not a more captivating matchup than these two going at it. I can watch a meaningless Red Sox/Yankees game. And I’ll watch any game involving Barry Bonds. Baseball needs more captivating players and personalities, guys that can make you sit through a whole game. I love how Sammy Sosa is back and just hitting home runs like it is almost nothing. I mean let us remember…when he left Baltimore he was terrrrrrible. Now he’s doing this. It’s still history.

The NHL…screw it. It died to me when the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup. Some things just aren’t supposed to happen and that is one of them. That combined with the lockout killed it for me. So sorry.

And apparently some WNBA player punched an opposing player in Israel. Thus, the WNBA needs to have a huge brawl. It would become infinitely cooler, you and I both know it.

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