Let’s Try Something Different


In honor of Barry Bonds and A-Rod, the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the upcoming NFL Draft, I am actually about to try to write a blog entry minus the L. So welcome to a mismash of what I like to call ‘all the other sports that don’t matter’.

That was a joke.


  • There is a roar and it is coming from Boston. I know if I went to Boston and said this I would get lynched. You cannot convince me otherwise.
  • Reason #3 (behind it being beautiful and magical) on why Barry wants A-Rod to keep destroying; it finally takes people off of him.
  • Two quick A-Rod thoughts…does anyone realize he is in a contract year and wants to sta at his elite paycheck level…and I’m happy no one has even thought about saying he is on steroids. You can read about A-Rod here. Now Giambi, he looks like a crazy white boy on the juice.
  • What happened to all of those feel-good Tampa Bay Devil Rays stories that we got in the beginning of the year? Huh? Huh?
  • Dante Hall is going to the Rams…remember when Dante Hall ruled the world?? Scoring touchdowns, throwing up the X, all over Gatorade commercials. X-Factor anyone?? I’m telling you if you’re a returner your window of stardom is so short it’s not even funny. Unless you’re a kicker.
  • JaMarcus = #1 pick. That’s all that needs to be said.

And that’s all I have to say that’s not about the L. Tonight on tap we have a titlating threesome of game 3’s, where the home teams are in must win situations. Two of the three teams are going to lose their series regardless (I’m looking at you Orlando and LA) and one is hoping to right the ship (Utah). Detroit is hoping to maintain interest for 48 minutes, the Suns are hoping Kobe doesn’t go off for 60 and Houston is hoping Utah doesn’t have flashbacks to their glory days.

(If there was one thing I never did as a kid, it was pick against the Utah Jazz at the Delta Center. I don’t know what it was about it..the crowd..the colors…the players…but they always seemed so unstoppable there. They were so good at the Delta Center I even felt nervous when the Bulls played them there. I can’t believe it’s not called the Delta Center anymore. How fruity is that?)

LA is ready to turn it into the ‘Kobe Show’, Utah is trying to get something out of Mehmet Okur and AK47 and Orlando is praying Dwight Howard shakes off his sickness. Out of all three of these teams, I would say they all will pull one of their home games out. It won’t matter cause they’re all going fishing with the next week.

To a couple of links;

  • Kobe should not be antsy; he made his bed and now he is sleeping in it. I’m sorry, I don’t care whether he had a little or big part in forcing Shaq out…he made a big mistake. Now the Basketball Gods are striking down on him, banishing him to first round losses. The moral of the story; if you get selfish and think you’re better than a good thing, it is going to bite you in the ass. I’m looking at you Shawn Marion.
  • The Grizzlies are interviewing Larry Brown for their opening at head coach. I love Larry Brown and I wish he didn’t have that year at New York on his legacy. As good of a coach as he is…Memphis would be foolish to hand him the reigns, unless they have a clear plan and give him an understudy he can pass the team too. Otherwise, Larry needs to leave them ninjas alone.