That’s just wrong man…I can take you talking about the Bulls, but after being subjected to that Suns/Lakers game and all this studying for finals…you show me Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo. They already split, it was his birthday, alcohol was involved. Bastard. I can’t wait until the Cowboys suck again my friend, revenge will be coming very shortly.

two quick thoughts from last night;

  • The hilarious live Lamar Odom interview that Craig Sager conducted on Inside the NBA. Possibly the greatest 5 minutes of my life. There are no words to describe it…you’ll just have to see it. Extremely revealing and awkward at the same time…Odom was dropping ‘we’re not together’ bombs left and right, even Sager wanted to pull the mic away a couple times. Fascinating television.
  • Kobe’s “I’m going to kill everyone” look when he was on the bench and the Suns kept scoring. Why on earth would Kobe go back in the game? Sprain his ankle and then GO BACK IN. If I was Kobe, he should have sold it. Been carried off the floor. At least he would have an out then.
  • Anthony Parker is the key to the Raptors run. I said this before, when he is hitting shots they are a different team. He takes pressure off of Bosh and opens others up as well. TJ Ford can attack the basket…no one will come off of Parker which will give him a more open lane to the basket. Jefferson disappeared (non-existant in the 1st half) and like I said in the playoff preview, Vince is back to ‘settle for fadeaway jumpers’ mode rather than ‘attack and get triple-doubles’ more. The biggest sign that told me the Nets won’t win; Vince backing TJ Ford down and shooting a fadeaway.

Back to your precious Bulls…to be cliche all they did was what they were supposed to do. They won both games at home. Congrats. In Miami during the playoffs is a completely different environment. The white shirts and crowd energizes the Heat. Now if the Bulls were to win Game 3…the Heat would be in some doo-doo they can’t get out of. Last night they looked old. This is an underrated fact that not too many have touched on; a complete lack of perimeter defense. Gary Payton is old and injured leaving him almost non-effective. Eddie Jones has completely disappeared. D-Wade and Posey are getting killed on D. They have nobody who can guard Luol Deng and Ben Gordon…or Hinrich or Nocioni or anyone on the perimeter. Because of that fact, the Bulls are penetrating and kicking and getting easy shots. Just watch the highlights; you’ll see a Miami player scrambling to get to a Chicago player.

Miami’s D is allowing Chicago to do exactly what they want to do. Chicago is a ball movement team. They are moving the ball with ease and grace…Miami is actually making them look better. Shaq and D-Wade have no one to blame but themselves…each had 7 TO’s. That will not get it done in the playoffs. Miami has all the motivation they need, they get two at home, get rejuvenated and they are back in the series.

And that is why I still say Heat in 6.

And I’m still bewildered by my future ex-wife’s behavior.

  • More talk of the lack of team unity from the Lakers and Kobe’s clock potentially running out.
  • Discusiion of Shaq’s terrible game last night. He had such a bad first four minutes it was not even funny. Missed dunks, offensive fouls and dumb turnovers. From Andrew Bynum? Acceptable.
  • Underrated fact of the Dallas/Warriors series; no one can guard Baron Davis. At least not so far, we’ll see after Game 2. Remember Al Harrington did nothing and Monta Ellis was also as quiet. This isn’t a team where you can key in on one person defensively, that is why I think the Warriors will pull this off.
  • Argument for the Heat’s comeback vs. Argument against it. That’s the one thing about the playoffs…the reporting gets real chippy and predictable.
  • This article is just a downright lie. It’s great to talk a big game in the media, but common sense tells me that if you have lost to someone the last 4 times you’ve played them, it starts to weigh on your mind a little bit. It’s just human nature. If you’re at the gym playing pickup, and you lose to the same guy and the same team four times…the next time you play them you’re gonna be like ‘ahhhh shit these guys again?’