Before I start throwing out these bullets, I’d like to point out that there was pretty much an absolute lack of D in the League last night. Out of the 14 teams who played, 10 scored in the triple digits. Now that is a throwback.

So I’m at Chili’s with my friend and I glance up at the TV. It (naturally) has the Suns/Jazz game out and it’s a blowout. How did I know this? Not by looking at the scoreboard but by seeing Jalen Rose, Eric Piatkowski and Pat Burke on the floor. I was semi-shocked that they were killing Utah that bad, but I just don’t think Utah matches up well with Phoenix. They are kind of in the middle; not good enough to force a tempo on the Suns, and not good enough to keep that pace with them. It’s ok though…not too many teams could even dream about keeping that pace. Back to the story, they’re doing a post-game interview with James Jones (I take that time to devour my chocolate shake). Then they put up the player of the game graphic;

Steve Nash. 13 Points. 18 Assists. 0 Turnovers. 36 Minutes

Are you serious?? 18 assists and not one turnover? Hey you’ve got to hand it to the man. That means every two minutes he played he got an assist. You can’t even do that in NBA Live on easy. Very crazy considering that getting a turnover once every three or four assists is tremendous. This man went 18 without one. It baffles me. But it got me thinking…who else has done this in the league, who else has dished out major dimes without a TO. Me and my crack staff (aka Google and a pillow) find out;

  • Nash has done it a few times this year with 15 and 0 on Portland (1/19) and 11 and 0 on Minnesota (1/21) and 15 and 0 vs. Cleveland (1/28) (ESPN.com)
  • On January 21, 2005…then Memphis Grizzlies PG Jason Williams dished out 15 dimes with no TOs against Denver.
  • On December 2nd, 2006…Williams did it again dishing out 14 with no TOs against Memphis.
  • Tim Hardaway had 13 with no TOs in 97
  • December 1st, 2006…Chauncey Billups had 10 assists with no turnovers in the 1st half (he finished with 16 and 4..still impressive)
  • This tells me (minus a box score) that John Stockton had 16 and 0 once.
  • Jacque Vaughn did it in Utah in November 2000 and Deron Williams did it twice this year with 13 @ Washington and 15 vs. Minnesota. Look up his game log.

I wouldn’t have believed that there would be so many occurances of this event. But hey, it is the L and supernatural things happen all the time. I need to really look up and see if Magic ever did it. And I wish someone would break Scott Skiles’s assist record. Onto the real bullets;

  • The Blog…the blog is prophetic. I said Luke Jackson was a good player who still had some stuff left in him. I wasn’t sure if Toronto was going to be the place for him because of Bargnani and Garbajosa…but he proved me right by getting signed for the rest of this year and next. It’s good to see stuff like that. Someone reads this blog.
  • In good news last night, the Blazers won a game, beating the Sonics. I’m imagining if there was one team Nate was absolutely not going to tank against…it would be Seattle. Magloire continues his audition for next year’s paycheck with 9 and 15. Travis had 22 including two threes and Luke Schenscher continues to get PT. Big draft coming fellas,but way to not get last in the division. I like it.
  • In even more good news, Houston eliminated the Hornets from playoffs contention. I’m sorry Hornet players and fans..I just didn’t want to watch you guys play Dallas. Nothing personal. You guys just don’t do it for me ok. I promise…it’s not you, its me. I’m sure there is someone in the world who can love you for who you are…you deserve better.

Sidenote time; I’m really liking this Houston team right here and I think if they can overcome Utah and Sloan’s devilish tricks, they could go to the Conference Finals. Yes I’m still waffling until it’s time for the playoff prediction piece, but hey. They have T-Mac and Yao Ming…who are just gelling together right now. T-Mac almost had a triple-double last night (25, 10 assists, 7 boards). Two unselflish glue guys in Shane Battier and Chuck Hayes. Both are tough, Battier has lockup D and can make the wide-open three putting added pressure on the D. Hayes is a banger down low, a garbageman who gets all over the boards nad doesn’t take bad shots. Rafer Alston and Luther Head are there to make the threes…they could cause problems. And yes I just convinced at least one person that the Rockets are dangerous.

  • Last night could be proof that Denver did the right thing by getting the 6 seed and San Antonio…last night they got beat by Memphis 133-118. Somewhere Tim Duncan is smiling.
  • So, I kind of said this yesterday…but Greg Oden’s dad is an idiot. I’m telling you if the mom says one thing and the dad says the other…go with the mom 9 times out of 10. I still think he is staying.
  • David Aldridge checks in with his NBA award picks.
  • I like the comparison in this article between this year’s Heat and the 94-95 Rockets. The best part is Shaq’s quote;

”We may have to be similar to that Houston team,” O’Neal said. “I was there. I remember how they did it.”

(Seriously…how is there not more of that man on YouTube)

  • Here is a great article on the Raptors. Here are the basic facts; they genuinally like each other (which in the pros…is important), they are selfless and believe in each other. Do not sleep on them people.
  • Washington fans; your X-Factors are Jarvis Hayes and DeShawn Stevenson. If they can get hot and score…you’re not quite as dead as before. If they can’t, get a broom or break your TV.
  • Here is some more talk of the Lakers and their demise. Shaq is chuckling.
  • The Bucks season is nearly over and this talks about it being a nightmare. For you and I both man. Can you believe they made the playoffs last year?
  • How shitty must these guys be feeling; you go from Golden State, where they haven’t made the playoffs since 93-94… to Indiana, where they have made the playoffs 16 of the last 17 years, last missing in 96-97. And it looks like you’re still not going to the playoffs. If there is one place you would want to be traded mis-season that would be it. Rough.
  • It’s sad…last week there was an article about the Hawks trouble at PG, today it’s about their centers. There is no glimmer of hope when you’re depending on Lorenzen Wright and Zaza Pachulia. Plus you may lose your top pick to the Suns. Just nothing good in the ATL, unless you’re a Brave or Thrasher fan.
  • I will give the Suns this; they do better team defense than they get credit for.

(See how I did that right there..learned it from the media. It makes you think that I think they play good team defense, but really I could think just about anything.)

  • I love how this guy shared my thoughts about Pacman’s first public appearance…and then amped it up. Pacman + casino + small southern town + boxing. Nothing good can come from that formula. That’s up there with OJ wanting to write a book about “what would’ve happened”.

And in case you ever see ‘And in NASCAR news’ be worried for my well-being. And go to sportscactus.com.