Heated Sunday

  • Tiger Woods is leading the Masters by a stroke (as of 12:18 pacific)
  • Cleveland and Detroit are having a close one (82-80 Cleveland)

And that fantasy bball matchup that Couper had locked up…I’m currently up 7-4. Great comeback yesterday from down 9-2…but it is entirely too close to call. Multiple categories are still up for grabs (FG percentage is now tied, he’s up 1 in rebounds, I’m up one in TO’s..it’s going to be a heartbreaker either way)

12:22 PM: LeBron gets the ball, Sheed helps and LeBron is forced to keep it to Ilgauskas who bricks a jumper from the corner. Good job LB, way to take over the game. Pass it to Z damn near at the three point line. On the other end Chauncey dices the Cavs D and dishes to McDyess for the easy dunk. Sheed dies of laughter (reason #23231 why I love that man, who else would be laughing up 4 with less than a minute left), probably at either the fact that McDyess dunked or how weak it was. He is getting old.

12:23 PM: Did they just have the gall to remix ‘Right Now’ like it would change how horrible it was. I’ve got to catch up on Desperate Housewives.

12:25 PM: LeBron clanks both free throws. He may be the anti-clutch. That’s what he gets for making that commercial with ESPN.

  • Was that not the most unnatural looking commercial ever…anyone who has ever played basketball has been alone in a gym and pretended they were hitting a game-winner…and it sounded nothing like what LeBron did. There was no enthusiasm, how do you stay with the same tone of voice the whole time, I mean come on. Plus his moves were completely unrealistic who goes behind the back and keeps it in the same hand. Can’t fake it LeBron I’m sorry. It just seemed like they did one take and he was like ‘Alright y’all I gotta go’)

12:28 PM: The game is over, McDyess added a free throw, the Cavs missed a couple of threes and Detroit got the ball to end it. I’d like to thank Sasha Pavolvic for shooting 66 percent today, giving me a couple insurance blocks and keeping me in the rebound race (I picked him up for today only, kamikaze tactic because Coup had more guys playing than me). Anderson Varejao…not so much. I got you for rebounds and you got me 1. It’s ok, just know if I lose I will be making a call to some of my friends in Brazil.

12:32 PM: Contemplating switching to the Masters. Yesterday when I did it, Tiger absolutely collapsed. He is down a stroke right now (who the hell is this Sabbatini guy and how is shooting 4 under today). I’ll just keep it right here on ABC.

12:35 PM: Mike Breen and Mark Jackson already make me want to claw my eyes out 30 seconds in. It’s gonna be a long one. How they make the Suns/Lakers un-exciting is beyond me. Diaw easily backed down Smush for an easy bucket. Then Smush jacks up a three…and then he wonders why he gets benched.

12:36 PM: Lakers switched again, Diaw posts up Parker and ends up taking a fadeaway. Wouldn’t have happened in the 80s. Smush hits a three thus proving that I am an idiot.

12:37 PM: How good would Bynum have been if he had gone to college?? Or would he have just turned out to be the next Olowokandi? We’ll never know.

12:38 PM: This is me missing Bill Walton…at least he said enough dumb shit that you had to listen. Hell I’d rather listen to Hubie. At least they point out how everyone in Phoenix makes the Amare arguement…I’ve heard it so much it makes me nauseous. How was there no video package of the history between these two teams? ABC you suck.

12:40 PM: LA is falling into Phoenix’s trap playing fast right now. 9 points in less than 4 minutes…they can’t keep that up. If Amare Stoudamire and Shawn Marion weren’t with Steve Nash they wouldn’t be as good. Why are the Suns double-teaming Bynum? Amare can’t guard Bynum?

12:42 PM: Smush is killing. 2 threes, a few steals, a layup. I knew I should have picked him up for today. Damn.

12:43 PM: Marc Jackson makes the same point about Smush that I made a couple days ago. Blog reader…or more proof that anyone could do their job? Who knows.

12:52 PM: Come on Kobe…you know Raja is gonna flop if you lower your shoulder. Don’t do it, please. You can tell Jordan Farmar is hungry, he’s tired of playing in the D-League.

12:58 PM: I would’ve wired Pat Burke without telling him or the rest of the team. Now that would be a good NBA Wired segment. That or wire Phil without his knowledge so we can figure out what the bleep he says now that he can’t yell Scottie.

1 PM: Raja Bell is 30?? How did I not know this? Raja plays great D and Kobe makes a money shot. That’s all you can do. Suns fans…that noise you hear is NBA title window closing. Call fans from Sacramento I’m sure they’ll let you know what to do.

1:13 PM: Is Lamar Odom hurt? Is he at Staples Center? Oh there he is, just had to remind myself.

1:20 PM: Still reeling from the Clyde Drexler cross-promoting appearance.