Woke up at 7:30 this morning to volunteer at the annual Pat’s Run (4.2 mile run in honor of Pat Tillman). Simple stuff, handed out some Powerade with my teammates. Just reminded me of how amazingly dumb it is when athletes even think they are too cool or above doing the sort of thing. Anyways, had some breakfast, caught some of the Ana Ivanovic tennis match (she’s nowhere near Maria people stop thinking it) and then promptly fell asleep.

And had one of the best naps I’ve had in a while.

So good that I am apparently either stuck in a dream or am in hell. On ESPN is Horse Racing. On ESPN2 is NASCAR. On Fox Sports Net is College Baseball (ASU/Stanford). And I managed to lose my remote somehow.

This would be one of the toughest lose-lose-lose situation I have faced in a while. I guess that means the winners are the readers of the blog, unless you don’t enjoy my bullets. Then we’re all losing right now;

  • Mike Beasley is honoring his commitment to Kansas State. Don’t worry, that sound you hear is just a sound of relief coming from Manhattan, Kansas. Although the bitchiness of their fans is a little dumb. A bunch of other coaches have left schools and you haven’t heard anything like this. At the end of the day, Kansas State is Kansas State and will forever be Kansas State. If his alma mater did not have that job opening I guarantee he would not have left.

(I swear if I had said “Get over it” and the end I would have sounded like Jim Rome and thus beat myself in the head with a lead pipe)

  • The Masters is on…excuse me while I get up and manually change the channel.

(If Tiger starts not killing because of me, I will never forgive myself)

  • Speaking of Tiger…how rough must it have been for everyone to have struggled, to be one of those guys on the top of the leaderboard yesterday…and see Tiger in 15th. I mean you know he is not just sitting back there, he is coming at you. And there is nothing you can do about it. It’s almost like a wife getting tapped on the shoulder at 2 in morning; sometimes you just have to sit there and take it and pray it will be over soon. Ditto for Roger Federer. I mean if you see the tournament draw and you end having to face him in the 3rd round, your game is fucked. You might not even make it there.
  • While on the subject of tennis, I find women’s tennis more watchable than men’s tennis. Shorter matches (2 out of 3 sets), a bevy of contenders, up and coming hotties (somehow they always come) and moaning. Men’s tennis, at the end of the day while I like Roddick and Blake is suffering because an American is not on top. And it’s not that competitive. Everyone knows Federer is going to win. I mean when a guy running around in capris is a top contender I think we have a problem Houston. I will say this; a classic men’s match is a sight to behold (example Blake vs. Agassi from the US Open 05). Just watching potentially 5 sets is rough.

(4 bullets and I haven’t even talked about the League? Crazy huh)

  • A-Rod saves the day in New York with 2 HR’s, including a grand slam to win it in the bottom of the ninth. *Yawn*. Somebody wake me up when he does it consistently and in the playoffs.
  • Also, Hall of Fame coach Van Chancellor is interviewing for the LSU women’s basketbal job. My only reason for putting this up is this; how shitty would it be to know you’re up against a Hall of Famer for a coaching job. I mean you have a good resume, had a good interview, call your family and feel good…then you see he’s in it. What a buzz kill.

(Take a deep breath…the L gets its own post today)