(Most) Coaches Are A-Holes


They really are.

I could have sworn I just saw Billy Gillispie during the college 3-point/dunk contest talking to Erin Andrews (who I actually think is hot, but because she’s actually good at her job is becoming overrated looks wise) about how next year was going to be fine with the new recruits and the good core they have. I’m telling you all coaches take Coach Speak 101 (aka Bullish 101) so you can never really believe what they say to the media. Nick Saban said he wasn’t leaving the Dolphins…he left. Dana Altman had 2 jobs in 2 days. It is crazy to me how they do it. That is the business called college basketball I guess. I also refuse to jump on Bob Huggins for going from Kansas State to West Virginia. How many times does a job at your alma mater come up? Roy Williams had to go to UNC and Huggins had to go to WVU. It doesn’t hurt that he can’t beat up on Cincinnati every year.

On to the bullets;

  • Starting off with a little football news to kick it off; David Carr signs with Carolina. To be a backup to Jake Delhomme. Essentially is he telling Jake “Look buddy…it came down between you and Hasslebeck, and I think you’re going to start sucking before him. Best of luck.” I don’t think he minds sitting for a while either, his body probably needs the rest from all the times he got sacked. He’s just going to bide his sweet time, wait till Jake Delhomme realizes he’s Jake Delhomme (it happens every year) and take the spot. Smart.
  • You hear that; it’s the Heat clicking at the right time. Clinched a playoff spot last night by beating the Cavs. They’ve got a hell of a sixth man coming next week too.
  • This is the kind of stuff that really grinds my gears; Smush Parker bitching about playing time. This is just another example of how Kobe will never be MJ. You think BJ Armstrong, Steve Kerr and all them never got a little hot about PT every now and then? You think they once thought about going to the media? No. MJ would have speared them Goldberg-style through the door of the training room. Kobe needs to put him in his place but since he won’t I will. Smush, Phil Jackson gave you your big break. You were out of the league and he brought you in. You’ve started every game since August 05. You’re on the Lakers, be thankful you could be on the Hawks. All he said was you weren’t playing hard…he actually coached. Sit down and shut up because at the end of the day you’re Smush Parker. A good player in the right situation for you which is rare in the L.
  • The race for the 2 seed in the East is hot; Chicago and Cleveland are going to the wire with the same record right now. Cleveland needs that 2 seed if they want to have any guaranteed success. I’m still hoping the Heat get that 3 seed because I would much rather see them beat up on Washington than Toronto. No one wants to see a Raptors vs. Wizards series, especially minus Gilbert and Caron.
  • Before I get on the Lakers too bad…could Phil be doing this on purpose? Having them lose, quietly have people underrate them and sleep on them, and then explode on the Suns in the first round? That’s their dream scenario.
  • Doc Rivers is lowing losing his mind. I hope he comes back.
  • Ya know, Bernie Bickerstaff is right when he says the next Bobcats coach is a lucky man. I mean think about it the storm is over; they have a great core coming back (Wallace, Okafor, Carroll, Morrison, Felton, May, Hermann) two first-round picks a ton of cap room and Michael Jordan trying to prove he can make some good decisions. He’s too competitive and too many people have been making Kwame Brown and Popeye Jones jokes. They are making the playoffs next year. Yeah I said it.
  • Go read Gilbert’s blog.
  • Donyell Marshall is going back to UCONN to get his degree. For some reason picturing him in college classes now is just hilarious to me. It’s good for him, but it’s funny.
  • People are concerned in Detroit. I could have written the article in 1 second because the problem is simple. Flip Saunders.
  • The Magic better watch out…they do not have the 8 seed wrapped up. The Pacers have a nice stretch on paper coming up. But they could easily lose all of them. And it looks like Pacer fans are about to go through the process the Blazers have been going through..it’s got to happen for them soon right? Since 1986-87 they have had 3 losing records. Spoiled.

(Who am I kidding, so were us Blazer fans for a long time. Hypocrite alert!)

  • Here is a nice article on Chris Bosh. I think he should be getting more love in the MVP talk. I’m convinced he has been the best player in the League. Dirk has played great and will get it, but Bosh has better stats and is on a worse team. This team hasn’t had a winning record since 2001-02 and now they’re looking at home court advantage in the first round. You take him away from the Raptors they are a lottery team. You take Dirk from the Mavs, they’re still going to the playoffs.
  • Very interesting article from Wilbon on the the curse of the Bullets.
  • Basically all I got from this article is that Dirk isn’t as much of an asshole as he used to be.
  • As a Blazer fan I’m so so happy we ended up not making Trenton Hassell our big signing. He was overrated at the time and ready to cash in. We’ve already got Travis.
  • I’m not going to link to it because it requires a membership…but 1st graders got rewarded for good work by getting read to by Ron Artest.

(Let that marinate for a while.)

  • Spencer Hawes should go back to U-Dub. Test the waters, hoop again, and leave next year. At this rate he is the next Travis Knight and Travis was better in college than Spencer was.