No Power


They took the two things that fueled Big Ben; his hunger slash chip on the shoulder (it’s hard to play the ‘disrespected’ card when you’re making bank) and his headband. He indeed is useless with neither. But I don’t see why anyone is shocked; this happens all over the L. Players realize this is their contract year and depending on their age are usually seeking that next big contract, or a raise, or to stay on a team, or to tryout for others or to finally cash in. Big Ben finally got to cash in and he is set for life. He’s busted his ass and now he’s on cruise control. He’s still a defensive force on cruise control. The thing is; what does he have left to prove? He has the rings, he has the accolades, now he has the money.

  • Let us look back on this and remember; KG being critical of Dwight Howard. Now this is intriguing solely because of the fact that KG was Dwight’s idol. KG may have knowingly set off a firestorm. You think Dwight won’t be trying to prove him wrong?
  • Also in that link is Grant Hill dismissing all the talk about this Florida team being one of the best ever. He said “”I don’t think there was anybody on their team (Monday night) as talented as (Michigan’s) Chris Webber or Jalen Rose or Juwan Howard, and we beat that team by 20, so go figure it out.” Yeah…he got y’all on that one.
  • Justification for my continued fawning over Candace Parker; D-Wade took advice from her about injuries. Are you serious? D-Wade, a legend in the making, the next great of all time is taking advice from a sophomore in college. A girl at that. I’m telling you…she is about to do something special. Still sucks to be her brother.
  • Luke Jackson gets another 10-day up in Toronto. I’m happy to see it, I pretty much called it. Unfortunately I don’t know if Toronto is going to be his staying place (with Bargnani and Garbajosa) but he has to be playing well enough to get another chance. I say the Blazers pick him up solely to see him and Fred Jones? No…yeah that’s nonsense huh.
  • Is it just me or is Josh Howard going to be underrated for the rest of his career. He’s really good and he’s getting a swagger about him. I’m telling you…he is the key to their playoff run. Dirk is Dirk but if Howard doesn’t step up and Terry doesn’t step’s over.
  • The Nuggets (well mainly Nene and Camby) just sealed their own fate. Honestly…the media should be ashamed asking Nene a question like “who would you rather play in the playoffs?” He’s Brazilian…he’s crazy. I’m telling you if Noah was Brazilian I would like him 20x more. You can’t see Tim Duncan jab-stepping Camby off, hitting a bank shot off the glass and then mouthing ”That’s what you wanted?” Or Amare dunking on Nene and screaming? Damn.
  • I’m telling you…Dallas better watch out for those Clippers. Maggette is ready, Mobley is kiling, Elton is Elton and Chris Kaman is starting to play again. You think Sam Cassell isn’t playing a little bit of possum right now? Would it really surprise you if he just came into the playoffs killing.
  • Rollercoaster week for Luke Schenscher. He goes from hearing his coach say it was “doubtful” he would get re-signed, to then getting re-signed, and then playing 12 minutes last night.

Thursday Night…means the NBA on TNT, the real flagship. Not only that but we’ve got Suns vs. Spurs going down. I’m telling you..that’s going to be a hell of a series in the 2nd round. The worst thing that could happen if you’re the NBA would be a Utah/San Antonio conference finals. Very unlikely but still. Don’t think David Stern doesn’t think about these things. You think Toronto is going to the Finals? Hah. I laugh at the notion.

The whole Billy Donovan going to Kentucky thing..I think he should leave. Why not? He is at a football school, he has two national championships and the core of his team is leaving. At Florida it’s all downhill from here on out. He can go to Kentucky, meet Ashley Judd, be “The Man” and be at a school where he will be universally loved (until he starts losing). I would do it. And if I was Florida’s AD…I wouldn’t even let Billy talk to him. Yeah, that’s wrong but I would never give another school permission to talk to my coach. But if UK doesn’t get Donovan…uh-oh. Shoulda treated that brotha Tubby a little better huh? He’ll be laughing; he’s still getting paid and he’s a hero in Minnesota already.