Black Wednesday


Tonight was a rough night in the L for pretty much every fan base (with the exception of Bobcat fans).

  • Gilbert goes down in the first quarter with a sprained knee. If you’re a Wizard fan…this has to have been a hellish 5-6 days. First you have the Michael Ruffin/Mo Pete incident (hilarious to me…underrated fact about that game is Bosh absolutely went to work in OT). Then Caron breaks his hand, and now Gilbert sprains his knee. Now that my friends is a sure sign it just was not meant to be this year.

Sidenote; If I’m Miami….I’ve got to catch Toronto and get that 3 seed. You mean to tell me I can play a wounded Washington team in the first round?? Of course Gilbert could be back but you never know. The Raptors have to be beaming right about now.

  • Back to the “Black” theme….T-Mac was let down by his creaky back again. If I’m JVG, I don’t play him the rest of the year. There is no need..when it comes down to it he is the guy that they are going to need in the playoffs.
  • Hornets fans saw Tyson Chandler, Desmond Mason and Chris Paul all go down in a OT victory over the Sonics. That has to be the definition of an empty victory.
  • I don’t think anyone wants to play the Bulls in the playoffs. And personnally, as good of a team as they are, as a fan I do not want to see them advance far in the playoffs. They simply are not entertaining to me. It’s tough to get behind the guys they have…no personalities just like their coach. By the way they demolished the Pistons in Detroit. I personnally think they are at their best when Hinrich is aggressive like he was tonight. Sometimes I watch them and I’m like “why is he not shooting?” It baffles me.
  • No Z-Bo? No Aldridge? No problem. B R-O-Y stepped up to the plate in a big way; 29, 5 and 4 and he only took 15 shots. That’s efficiency. And that’s my favorite thing about him; he does what he wants when he wants to do it. Players these days are all about dribbling, crossing over, taking challenged shots, forcing the issue. Brandon Roy moves when he wants to move, takes what the defense gives him and plays the game the way it is meant to be played. Raef got a start (odd) and good to see Freddy Jones in double figures. The underrated player; Travis Outlaw. He had 22 and hit two threes. I’m telling you…I’m really hopeful about the Blazers next year. We’ve got a good group coming back, we get another lottery pick coming in, possibility of no cancers…things are really about to go up

(Then I see the words “Kevin” and “Pritchard” flash in my head. Ugh.)

  • The Lakers lose again. What is Kobe doing? Seriously. 29 points on 13/34 shooting? He took more shots than the rest of the Laker starters combined. This Laker team simply cannot win. They have no bench right now. Turiaf and Brown and Bynum need to give them something. Vujacic..I really can’t remember him ever doing anything. I mean they’re relying on friggin’ Shammond Williams. Talk about limping into the playoffs…man.
  • Denver, meanwhile is quietly on a winning streak. I still don’t think they are going anywhere, but I don’t want to see and first round sweeps that is no fun. That means less Inside the NBA. They’re clicking at the right time.
  • I still don’t see why Sacramento fired Adelman.
  • How is Uncle Cliffy aka Cliff Robinson still in the league? And is there any prominent player he hasn’t played against? I mean seriously…who else got buckets from MJ, Magic, Larry, Ewing, Hakeem, David Robinson, Tim Duncan. LeBron, D-Wade, VC, AI. He has seen a lot. And smoked a lot. BUH-DUM-CHING.