Poor Arkansas

  • You can read about it here if you haven’t already, but Creighton coach Dana Altman decided to leave to go to Arkansas. He was announced as the new head coach, press conference the whole she-bang. Then the next day he said he was going back to Creighton…and apparently this is ok? I feel for the Arkansas fans and players…who wouldn’t want to see Creighton @ Arkansas on ESPN2 next year? Anyway, Altman pulled out the family card and is going back to his job. My thing is; where else can you do this? You can’t break up with a girl, announce to the world you’re dating a new girl and then go right back to the old girl and expect no one to notice. You’ll probably get stabbed.
  • There is stupidity and then there is this guy. “All I did was take cash”…yeah, NCAA rules say you can’t do that. Dummy. But then he basically throws his old Oklahoma teammates under the bus by saying “…there’s people on the team that are breaking laws and failing drug tests and stuff like that, and there’s nobody getting kicked off the team for that type of stuff.” He of course quickly backtracked because he knew he would probably get stomped for that. But hey…they didn’t get caught or they’re really good. Step your game up.

I’ve never been a huge Greg Anthony fan. Ever. He was on the Knicks when I hated them and even when I was little I always thought; “How is that guy out there?” He never really did anything with the Blazers, and now he talks like he is the man. He really bothers me, plus he’s a black republican. Damn. Back to the point, in today’s Daily Dime on ESPN.com they asked him “who’s the brightest darkhorse in the West?”


This is not college hoops. There are no darkhorses. If anything the debate should be about Utah and Houston since one of those teams is guaranteed to make it out of the first round. Dallas, San Antonio and Phoenix are not losing in the first round I’m sorry. It is just not going to happen. But anyways the argument was basically who has a better chance Denver or LA. Greg Anthony never ceases to amaze me.

When asked “…which is the better darkhorse candidate to upset a higher seed in the playoffs?” Anthony answered the Lakers. Even though the Nuggets just beat them in LA and will not be facing the Spurs (as of now) in the 1st round.

Anthony goes on to say “Phil Jackson’s been back there for a few years now”

-This is his…second year back. George Karl meanwhile has been in Denver for three years. Good argument though Gregory.

“And the bottom line is you have Kobe Bryant. As good as Allen Iverson is, he’s not Kobe, who could end up averaging 45 for a series.”

-This is just asinine. Yes it is true that Kobe could but there is nothing to back that up. Last year he averaged 27.9 in a first round exit (but I guess the statisticians screwed up, he probably averaged more seeing as how he only played 6 games). He has averaged 30+ in the playoffs one year (32.1 in 2002-03). Allen Iverson has averaged 30+ in his last four playoff appearances and averaged 10 assists in 04-05 and 7.4 in 02-03. I don’t see how you can ever just dismiss someone like AI as “not being Kobe”. Kobe isn’t AI either. Kobe does have more rings, but AI has an MVP to his name, 4-time NBA scoring champion, 3-time NBA steals leader, 9-time All-Star, two-time NBA All Star game MVP and his heart is what makes him great. You think Kobe could’ve led that Sixers team to the Finals? You think Kobe could’ve handled the pressure of playing in Philly? They freakin’ booed Santa Claus. AI would have never played a Game 7 like he did last year. For Greg Anthony to dismiss him like that is just beyond belief. And I guess he also forgot about a guy named Carmelo. I heard he is not too bad.

Anthony was then asked that “Wouldn’t the 7 spot held by the Nuggets (vs. Suns) be more sensible?” for the Lakers. He said “No. The thing to remember about a young team like the Lakers, the more you win, the more confidence you have.”

Uh…Greg they’ve just lost two home games in a row. One to the Grizzlies. I think they could handle a few more losses. How on earth would the Lakers beat the Spurs 4 out of 7 times.

Anthony also said “Kwame Brown was playing well”

Yep. He has had five double-digit rebounding efforts on the year. Just dropped 6 points last night. Yeah he’s playing real good Greg.

At this point I clicked X. I didn’t want to read anymore because in the long run it doesn’t matter. They’re both going to lose. And Greg is just stupid. Really.

Also, Jamaal Tinsley has to read the blog. I mean…he didn’t take a shot last night and had 10 assists. The Project is catching on people.