Gator Bait


They did it. Florida went back-to-back and who knows if that will ever happen again. Anytime a team comes close to it, we’ll hear about the 05-06 and 06-07 Gator teams. There are plenty of articles all over the net on how great they are. I will give them their just due but I’m not going to fawn all over them because that would make the Project a spinning record just like everyone else.

I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the game but here is what I gathered

  • You cannot play Greg Oden one-on-one. 25, 12 and 4 blocked shots. 10-15 shooting. And Noah and Horford are no stiffs. Tonight he made me a believer. I still don’t think he is ready for the L and I still think he should stay in school, but I can see what everyone is talking about. In the biggest game of his life he stepped up to the plate in the biggest way possible.
  • It’s obvious, but Ohio State really needed a big time shooter. Florida got big-time threes from Humphrey and Green. The Buckeyes built a house out there.
  • The Final Four (especially the finals) again lived down to its reputation. Too much anticipaiton and too good of a tournament. Oh well.
  • Lee Humphrey made that team go.
  • Green doing the Yung Joc dance….dated. I felt bad for him.

I also was kind of let down by Noah. Not so much by his performance or anything like that. Moreso the fact that he was actually normal for once. No stupid “dancing”, no talking about haters, no screaming about “Hell’s Kitchen”. He just did what anyone would do; ran up and hugged his moms. Now it could be easy to go ‘ahhh what an attention whore, he did it on purpose to keep him on camera’. Hey, I’m the first guy who would make fun of him and I can’t. He gained some respect from me last night.

(Look at me acting like my respect means anything. He’s about to be a damn millionaire. What is wrong with me)

It was a great tournament and it’s too bad college hoops will be gone for the next 6 months…for y’all that is. It never goes away when you’re in it. Some of my favorite random moments from the tournament;

  • the atrocious Dickie V Hooters commercial with the Dickie V face at the end.
  • The face the guy from Chicago State made while dancing in the dunk contest. (here it is from :28 to :40 is all him. Classic)
  • Watching Kevin Kruger rip Wisconsin’s heart out.
  • Picking UNLV and Butler in the Sweet 16.
  • Feeling like a damn moron watching Tennessee almost get to the Elite 8 because I had them gone in the first round.
  • Feeling like a damn genius after having USC beat Texas.
  • The greatness known as Eric Maynor who beat Duke and brought his team back to almost beat Pitt. The amount of good games and scares.
  • Three Pac-10 teams in the Elite 8.
  • Cinderella not being let in the VIP lounge.
  • Early-round favorites either turning it on or pulling away, blowing the lower seed out completely or doing enough to win.
  • That feeling during the two hour gap between games early on “Uhhhh what do I do now?”
  • Seeing the Lopez Twins in HD
  • The idiocy of when an announcer says a lower seed is going to “scare” a higher seed. Essentially this means they are not going to win, and it’s not necessarily going to be close in the end. Just at some point in the game it will be close. Thanks for that one Clark.
  • MJ being in the skybox at the United Center.
  • The very quick ‘I just wanna get the bleep out of here’ handshake from the losing coach.
  • The high number of people who saw their brackets get decimated on Day 2.

Yeah that’s enough.