Monday Morning Scattered Thoughts


I’m in my government & politics class right now, only one of the day and my brain is all scattered. Plus my teacher is on one of his rants. So here we go people.

From yesterday’s blog…

“Also on tap for today another Dallas/Phoenix classic. That could save the weekend.”

-It was a blowout. Phoenix did the smart thing and went super small. Dallas couldn’t handle it. It really doesn’t mean too much, but a win like this could give Phoenix their swagger back going into the playoffs. It also semi validates my view that the Dallas Mavericks are a little overrated. I do not think they will be heading back to the Finals. Now what bothered me after the game were Suns fans all of a sudden crowning themselves champions and saying Dirk is overrated. Suns fans and baseball fans drive me wild.

Although if I am in the Western Conference and I see Mike D’Antoni saying “We have our identity back” I wouldn’t be too happy.

Opening Day means I’m not going to care about baseball for a while. I mean how can you get excited about the Yankees vs. Devil Rays and Red Sox vs. Royals. Seriously? Is it that important that those two teams get off to good starts. If I ran baseball I would ensure that the Yankees and Red Sox faced in the playoffs every year. That is their money maker. I will give baseball this; there is nothing like coming home from class at like noon and a baseball game being on. Its a good feeling, good for a nap. Now obviously Barry Bonds is going to break Hank Aaron’s record this year. I’m sorry white people get over it. Barry Bonds is one of the all-time best hitters in the history of the game. Steroids can’t give you all that hand-eye coordination. Look at Jason Giambi he was better off the juice. I mean the man put golf balls into a pitching machine, wrote numbers on them and then would just read off the numbers. He’s sick. It is sad how he is going to be booed but Mark McGwire got cheered like none other.

Sammy Sosa is back…and he looks like a pimp. That could be enough to get me into baseball, but how about some bullets and links.

If you’re a Hawks fan and you see that your team is looking at Anthony Johnson, Tyronn Lue and Speedy Claxton as your point guards for next year…how do you have any sort of hope? Lue had one good defensive game against AI in the Finals (then proceeded to get stepped over), Speedy Claxton has had so many injuries that he isn’t speedy anymore and Anthony Johnson got paid. He won’t be dropping 40+ anytime soon. In the L you are only as good as your PGs which means the Hawks will not be going anywhere soon.

The most underrated game of the weekend? North Carolina vs. Tennessee, women’s Final Four. I’m sorry you can’t convince me it wasn’t a good game. It had a full arena full of people who actually cared about the result. There was an atmosphere, there was drama. there was Tennessee making the comeback. Yeah they missed some layups and some jumpers pretty bad, but at the end of the day I would rather watch a game like that than the UCLA/Florida game. Now the Women’s NC game on Tuesday is going to be U-G-L-Y. Rutgers reminds me a lot of the Baltimore Ravens when they won the Super Bowl; they won but it wasn’t pretty and their games were not fun to watch at all. 59-35 in a Final Four? Go look up their team..they’ve got some dudes. I’m not going to fully recommend that game (watch it be an instant classic).

There is a fork in the road and I am so going the other way with this;

  • Kevin Federline cements himself as a genius. K-Fed ends up with a million dollars in the settlement with Britney, probably all based on the fact that she went crazy. How is he not in the Hall of Fame? He goes from a worthless backup dancer (which if you have ever seen the show on MTV DanceLife…blows) to touring with Britney, to banging Britney and going on vacations, to getting her pregnant, making a rap CD, music videos, becoming a semi-celebrity, possibly cheating on her and still doing what he wants…and he still gets a million dollars. That my friends is the American Dream (not Dusty Rhodes).
  • So Fergie used to be addicted to crystal meth and was a lesbian. Riiiiight. She is so fugly to me and you can’t convince me otherwise.

And Couper brought the originality with the WrestleMania running diary….tonight I bring you a running diary of one of the most hyped-up events of the year so far. We’ve all been waiting for this all year. Everything is coming to a head tonight. Some will laugh, some will cry, some will scream and some will laugh. All of us are waiting for that shining moment.

The Hills season finale. GOTCHA BITCHES.