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I’m not gonna lie, that’s top 25 worst histories ever. I can’t believe that was on the front page of NBA.com too. When I first saw it I thought ‘Farmar could make history? I didn’t even know he still got burn.’ And after clicking the link I would have to say that someone in the NBA has something against the guy. The funny part is that there are absolutely no quotes from Farmar. From the National Championship to the D-League in a year? Harsh. I for one don’t see the necessity to send him to the D-L (nice baseball reference on Opening Day? Eh Eh? No? Ok).

Miller has had a career year, holding the Grizzlies together when they took the ultimate step backwards. The had moved themselves back into the playoffs and are almost right back where they began. Obviously the year would have been different had Pau Gasol not gotten hurt. And getting a top rookie can only help them be even stronger next year. I think they should pursue a point guard; Chucky Atkins, Damon Stoudamire and Junior Harrington is a recipe for the lottery.

Easy answer; Those three are superstars. You my friend are no superstar. The idea of superstars getting superstar treament and calls has been around for a long time. Stephon is a great talent, only he and Oscar Roberston have averaged 20 points and 8 assists in one year. But Stephon being on that level; I just don’t see it. What kind of superstar gets traded four times in his career? You think Minnesota doesn’t wish they had just kept Ray Allen instead of trading him in the 96 draft for Marbury? What kind of superstar sees their previous teams get better after they leave? He has been to two all-star games and the playoffs four times. I just do not see it. Another fact (thanks to Yahoo Sports and their game log) tells me that Marbury has 9 games of 10+ free throw attempts. He has 6 games of 10+ three-point attempts. He’s got to establish that he is taking it to the rack, that he is the aggressor to get calls. You can’t jack up 10+ threes, then decide to start taking it to the rack and expect calls. You know better than that Isiah and Steph.

  • Good article by Percy Allen from the Seattle Times on the whole tanking thing.

I normally hate the tanking argument because losing does not ensure the #1 pick. But this article does show both sides of the argument. Why ask your superstar to keep killing himself when you can get a franchise changing player the next year?

Just a quick thought on the NFL. Didn’t anyone else think what the Texans did to David Carr was kind of messed up? I mean the kid was drafted #1, supposed to be the golden child and they refused to give him an offensive line to protect him. He got punished for 5 seasons (I mean decimated) and the reward is they trade for a backup and release him. That just strikes me as wrong but hey the NFL is the ultimate ‘business’ of the sports.

Last tidbit, I picked this up from Sports Media World….but the NHL actually had higher TV ratings than the NBA last weekend. Seriously? Here I am about to talk about how baseball could never touch basketball and we’re lower than hockey. I could BS and say ‘oh the tournament was on’ or ‘oh it was a bad game’. No. The NHL is on the Versus network…the freakin old OLN network that was known only for showing the Tour De France. The NBA is a machine…a machine that ABC has killed. How so?

  • The Pussycat Dolls sing the theme song. What in gods name does that have to do with basketball? I hate hearing it everytime they go to a commercial. I can’t stand it. The NBA on ABC has had so many themes it makes my brain hurt. The most successful one was the Black Eyed Peas. My favorite; the Justin Timberlake one. Don’t ask. Is it so hard to make a knockoff of the old NBA on NBA theme. Something semi-like it?
  • The announcing teams are constantly changing with no rhyme or reason. Marc Jackson is seriously the #1 guy you have to announce games. I would rather watch every WNBA game than listen to him commentate. Why does Tom Tolbert still have a job? More imporantly why is Snapper on the bench?
  • The studio shows are ridiculous; Dan Patrick is actually being brought down by this venture. Mike Wilbon? Is he an expert on the L? Love him on PTI, hate him on NBA Nation…or NBA Fastrbreak..I don’t even know the freakin name of the show.

TNT is #1 with their NBA coverage. They have Inside the NBA, they have Marv and fake-Marv (Kevin Harlan). They keep it simple and entertaining.