It’s Saturday


This will be constantly updated with my thoughts as we go on.

LeBron James is extremely disappointing. He simply is not clutch. Watching this Bulls games…he takes bad shots, he has struggled to even get the ball. He missed two threes, gave the last shot in regulation to Sasha Pavlovic. I mean come on…stop passing the ball out to Donyell Marshall, go to the rack and try and get fouled. The Cavaliers are not doing anything this year, remember I said that.

Anyone remember when Ernie Kent’s job was in doubt? Now he is up there with Bruce Pearl and Tom Izzo as guest analysts in the CBS pregame show. Gotta love it.

Oden vs. Hibbert lasts ohhhhh 2:40 seconds.

Horrible call on Green with 6:37 left in the 2nd half. That should have been a charge on Oden. Enough said.

It’s Brewer vs. Shipp right now. Brewer has 15 of their 29 and has not missed anything. Shipp has 14 of 23 and is carrying UCLA, keeping them in it.

  • If you’re UCLA you have one guy in double figures, your top two players are 0/7 with a combined two points, youre shooting 31 percent, you have hit zero threes, played almost 10 guys and your #1 guy has been on the bench for the last 11:26. And you’re only down by 6. How do you not feel good? You can’t play much worse and Florida can’t shoot 50 percent again in the 2nd half.
  • Arron Afflalo may cause himself or someone else physical harm if UCLA loses tonight. Sitting here at halftime I can just tell he is about to will them to victory. Could you imagine going to the Final Four two years in a row, losing to the same team two years in a row and crapping the bed in those games? It’s time for him to turn it on.

    Well. I was wrong. So so wrong. Shipp still got no help, Humphrey got hot and Florida just punished UCLA. And the viewing audience across the nation. Just a nasty game all-around. Florida is just getting layup after layup. Disappointed in Arron Afflalo…1/8 and 4 fouls. Doesn’t he almost have to come back now?

    I am begging Ohio State to destroy Florida for one reason;

    1. So I will not have to put up Joakim Noah doing any of the following things; celebrating, dancing, pounding his chest, screaming, jumping on things, talking with fans, waving a towel, touching a trophy, breathing, yelling, dancing, talking about all the ‘haters’, talking about all the ‘haters’, dancing, anything.

    Ya know, I try to think about it from his perspective but it is impossible. Sorry Joakim, can’t feel sorry for ya. And tell your pops to ditch the yellow tinted shades; so 1997.

    Also, LeBron took over in Overtime and the Cavs won. I’m still disappointed in him because he could have easily just done it in regulation. I mean he has got to stop with this on/off switch of his. Play hard, be aggressive all the time. Stop coasting. It could be entirely too easy for him and that is why I don’t think he will ever be eligible to be mentioned in the same breath as Michael, Magic and Larry. He very well may turn out to be the Clyde Drexler of the 03′ Class.

    On the NBA tip, the Clippers are absolutely destroying the Blazers. It’s 44-24 right now early in the 2nd. LA is shooting 71 percent. Gross. Could they be clicking at the right time? It’s not so much that they have played poorly this year, just not up to the level they should be playing at. Combine that with the fact that they are abysmal on the road (12-24) and that’s a recipe for the 8 seed. Denver needs to get their act together. They have somehow got to rebound from that Rasheed shot and the injuries to Melo and AI.