Enough Is Enough


So I walk into the locker room after a tough workout (apparently I’m training to be the World’s Strongest Man, new knowledge to me) and who do I see on my TV screen?

Kevin Love.

*ahem* Excuse me, 2007 McDonald’s National Player of the Year Kevin Love.

His team must of went undefeated right? Nope.
They won the state championship right? Nope, I think Kyle Singler and South Medford did.

Hmm…I don’t quite get it. Maybe I’m blinded by the fact that the little time I did guard him in the 05 State Championship he did not score on me or the fact that he inspired Adam Morrison’s hissy fit. Apparently the guy doesn’t like me too much. It could be the fact that I am just tired of hearing his name over and over and over again for the past 4 years. Or it could just be the fact that I can’t stand all the national attention on high school hoops (more on that in a second).

The fact of the matter is, Kevin Love is a good player. But before you anoint him as this or that…let him play. Let him do his thing, let him become his own player before you say he is this or that. Let him go up against the Jon Brockman’s (beast and a half), and the Lopez twins and Aron Baynes before you say he’s this or that. Last I checked there weren’t too many big men in the state of Oregon, putting him in the man-child vs. boys category. I would be an idiot and a hypocrite to say he sucks, but I do not think it is right to use the hype maching to build someone up just to tear them down. Because I guarantee if he doesn’t live up to the gigantic expectations that some have for him, they will eventually turn on him. It’s the nature of sports. It’s sad but true and I don’t think it’s fair.

And don’t even get me started on ESPN televising high school basketball games. With LeBron it was ok because he was f’n LeBron. But I mean…OJ Mayo? Why would I want to watch OJ Mayo jack up a bunch of threes when I can just see the pros do that? College Basketball is big business, high school basketball should not be. Up until recently it was the purest part of the game remaining, untainted by business-like aspects or the media.

So essentially what I am saying is; stop it with the hype maching people. If they play well, go ahead give them all the hype you want… it’s warranted. But could you please turn the hype machine down a little bit? Pretty please? Thank you.

As much as I like John Hollinger’s work over at ESPN.com with the stats and such…I am drawing the line with the power rankings. I didn’t even see these until Jonny Stull brought them to my attention. Any rankings where Dallas…ya know the team with the best record in the L. That team that is on a 7 game win streak…that team that could win 70 games. Yeah them..any rankings where they are not #1 is flawed. Like Jon said “can someone please tell him that all is not measured in what goes on the stat sheet?”

I mean come on…Denver is the 9th best team in the L but they are 7th in the West? Seriously? I politely disagree kind sir.

At least Clyde is still on Dancing With The Stars.

In other news, ESPN did their Fan Satisfaction Rankings…the Blazers were 19th in the League and 92nd overall. Years ahead of being dead last in 2006. We get rid of Z-Bo and D-Miles we might jump to #1.