The Truth


Yeah, you can tell I’m still working on the whole title thing huh? Hey that’s why we’re calling it a project. Speaking of the project, I certainly can (and will) talk about almost everything. The reason I said almost is because I do not forsee too many appearances by NASCAR or the NHL. I would watch the WNBA for the rest of my life over those two sports, I’m sorry. They just do not get the job done for me. I am also pretty random about my writing, bear with me.

-The wife Maria got absolutely steamrolled by Serena Williams today. I mean it wasn’t even close. Everytime Maria loses to one of the Williams sisters I get phone calls from both my mom and day rubbing it in my face. Definitely not easy being a Sharapova fan in my household. But hey she is worth it. Also, while I’m on the tennis subject; is the Roger Federer era just being ignored? He’s doing something amazing right now. I mean he is dominating tennis to the point that it is only going to end when he gets bored. I have never seen a gap so far between the top player and the second. He is so good you just have to feel bad for Andy Roddick. Roddick has got to be wishing he had been born a little later. Is there anything better than seeing Federer and Tiger Woods hanging out. Here they are, two of the greatest of all time just chatting it up. It blows my mind.

-There is plenty of time to chat about the Men’s Tournament, one thing I’ll say is I’m disappointed with the Women’s Tournament. Why you may ask? Besides my Sun Devils making it to the Elite 8 there has been nothing captivating. It just feels like…nothing is happening. For the Women’s Tournament to captivate me I need one of two things;

  1. a good looking girl I can cheer for (ex: Brittany Jackson from Tennessee a couple years back, go ahead look her up you will not be disappointed).
  2. a dominant player who is so good she just makes you watch her. (ex: Jackie Stiles and her run to the Final Four, dropping 41 on Duke. Sheryl Swoopes. Sue Bird)

Candace Parker fits the bill but they are so good that their games are rarely entertaining. No one likes to watch a blowout. Especially a women’s basketball blowout.

-Jeff Van Gundy says the lottery should be open to everyone in the L. The article states that

“Van Gundy wants to open up the NBA draft lottery to all 30 NBA teams in an effort to keep teams from losing intentionally to hopefully secure the No. 1 pick.”

My understanding is the reason the NBA created the lottery was to make sure you couldn’t just tank the season. The fact of the matter is there is no guarantee if you have the worst record you’re going to get the #1 pick. All it means is you have the best chance and the most ping-pong balls. For example, last year the Blazers had the best chance…they ended up 4th. The Raptors had the 5th worst-record…they got the #1 pick. So to say that everyone should be in the lottery is silly to me. I mean there is no guarantee that the Celtics will get Durant or Oden. I mean what if only one of them comes out? What if they get the #3 pick?

-Quick side-note to my women’s tournament rant; I take it back. Tennessee is captivating. They’ve scored 10 points in 2 minutes. Candace Parker reminded me how outstanding she is and Sidney Spencer makes my nature rise. More proof that I am a moron. has the 2007 NBA Dance Team Bracket. I am not sure how I feel about this but I will be participating. I don’t think the Heat Dance Team could ever be dethroned. And as much as I love my Blazers, the combination of 2nd grade teachers and strippers isn’t getting it done for me.

(There is not a chance any of them will ever read this right? Right?)

-This year has had the worst Rookie of the Year race since 2000 when Mike Miller won it. I will not have any of this discussion of LaMarcus or Randy Foye entering the race. B-Roy has it on lock.

-Luke Jackson is going to the Raptors. I for one think that is a real good fit for him and I wish him the best. It’s sad, people forget just how good he was.

-Interesting stat I just picked up looking at the standings; there is only one Eastern Conference team with a winning record on the road and that would be the Detroit Pistons at 24-12. On the other side there are only four with losing records at home in the East; Bobcats, Hawks, Celtics and the Bucks. What does that have to do with anything? I’m not sure but it looks like home court is going to be big in the East.

-Phoenix. Dallas. San Antonio. Detroit. Miami (with D-Wade). The 5 teams that can win the title this year. Anyone disagree I’ll be glad to debate. No Cleveland because their coach is an idiot. I mean sometimes when the camera goes on him it just looks like he is thinking ‘Ah shit what do I do now?’. I say you have him coach the Hawks or the Bobcats or any team minus LeBron..he’s in trouble.