Clippers win NBA Draft Lottery..

…and the world cries for Blake Griffin. I’m only half kidding.

Texts I immediately got from Coup as the Grizzlies were revealed to get the #2 pick:

“Most boring possible outcome? Get ready for a year of Dunleavying Griffin on the bench for Randolph.”

Usually at the end of the lottery I’m left debating and thinking about all the possible scenarios said team could go with. And even if it’s a one-man race at the top, you still feel a bit of buzz about it. Not this year, immediately we’re talking about how the Clippers are going to botch this. That ending was just so….”blah”. The Clippers? Really?!? The Clippers? REALLY?!?! Bill Simmons called this year’s draft a “poop sandwich” on his Twitter. Well, in my eyes, the Clippers getting the #1 pick was like vomiting on top of said sandwich.

Let me get this out of the way because this is sounding more negative than I wanted. I don’t mean this to bash the Clippers, I really don’t. I’m happy for their tortured fanbase. That feeling of winning the lottery and knowing you’re getting a great player can turn everything around. Blazer fans, you all remember the instant chance on May 22nd 2007 when we won the lottery. And I hope for the fans sake and the fans sake alone that they don’t botch it. But I’ll be honest with you…It’s hard to get excited when a great player like Blake Griffin is going to franchise as poorly managed as the Clippers. It just doesn’t have the same kind of hopeful good vibes attached to it as if the Thunder or Grizzlies would have won. Griffin with Durant, Westbrook and Green? Ooh. Griffin with Mayo, Conley and Gay? Ooh. Griffin with BD, Zach Randolph, Eric Gordon and Al Thornton w/ Fred Jones? You see what I’m saying.  The Clippers are a franchise who have set a new kind of record for awful over the last 16 years. They almost have a permanent spot in the lottery every year. I guess it’s a positive that the Clippers get a Blake Griffin type player to compliment Baron Davis and co….but man it’s so hard to feel good for a team who doesn’t really deserve. Yeah, I said it. I’ll change my tune the minute they either a) trade Zach Randolph or b) trade the #1 pick for a player they need. Then and only then will I feel like the Clips are headed in the right direction.

To Kings fans…I know how you feel. In 2006, Portland had the worst record in the NBA and thus the most chances to get the #1 pick. We ended up with the #4 pick aka the worst pick possible. It’s a pretty tough blow, double when you consider how great of a player is available at #1. At least in 06 there were all sorts of question marks…and we made all sorts of trades. I toast some sort of alcoholic beverage your way.

Other thoughts:

  • Lionel Hollins looked scary on my HD. I still love you, but dang crack a smile or something.
  • Allen Houston is the “Assistant to the President” which basically gives him Dwight Schrute status aka Assistant to the Regional Manager. I died laughing for a while.
  • I was so happy Kevin Love watched the T-Wolves fall. So. Happy. Surprised he didn’t cry.
  • Larry Legend…well…umm…you know just cause it says all-you-can-eat at the buffet, doesn’t mean you have to do it. *ducks lightning bolt*
  • Alvin Gentry’s “Why did they fly me out here?” face when the Suns predictably got the #14 spot was priceless.

And for those who care, I correctly picked 9 of the 14 picks. At this pace by 2014 I will pick them all and rub it in your faces.

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