Who is Expendable?

I’ve finally come to grips with it. The future is now. A big off-season coming up for Kevin Pritchard, Nate McMillan and co. It’s a different kind of off-season than they are used to. No longer does their need to be a concentrated effort on trying to re-build. Now we’re in the next phase which is making the moves so you can take the next step. Uncharted territory for Mr. Pritchard, but I’m sure he’ll do just fine. Whether I start the talk now or in a couple days, the fact of the matter is that the playoffs are over and the off-season talk would be inevitable. I’ve already seen enough ‘trade this guy’ or ‘draft this guy’ talk to make my head spin. This is kind of like if you get told “We need to talk” by someone….you can only avoid it for so long before you have to accept it.

So I ask a question…In your eyes, who on this team is expendable? Guys who I don’t want to see moved under any circumstance: Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, Joel Pryzbilla, Greg Oden, Rudy Fernandez and Jerryd Bayless. And that’s it.

Everyone else is expendable in my books. If it means getting an upgrade, I’m all for the trading of Blake, Outlaw, Webster and Batum. They all narrowly missed the cut but end up on this list not because of poor performances in the playoffs but because of what could be coming back in return. Obviously I still wouldn’t trade Travis for Richard Jefferson (although I’m definitely smelling what the trade is cooking a little more) but if one of these pieces are needed to hit a home run, go for it. Steve Blake is solid and fits very well with this team. Doesn’t take much off the table, has the ability to hit shots which spreads the defense out, tough-minded. You know the routine. But as you know in this day and age in the NBA, point guards rule the world not Lauryn Hill and Nas. Blake smells more like Mario Chalmers and Rafer Alston than Mo Williams and Mike Bibby if you know what I’m saying. With Travis, we all know what we’re getting into. Martell I only put on here because in my head he’s kind of out of sight out of mind, I almost forget what he brings to the table sometimes. And yes I know the potential with Batum is off the charts but I know if we could get a home run trade and had to throw Batum in there I wouldn’t be that upset. And that’s my main point, I wouldn’t trade any of these guys for rice pilaf but I sure wouldn’t sit on them and break a great deal because of them. Let’s hope KP isn’t too attached to these guys.

Missing from this list? The four guys I assume to be done. Channing Frye, Michael Ruffin, Shavlik Randolph and Sergio Rodriguez oh yeah and…The Artist Formerly Known as RLEC. Sergio is no doubt going to be moved, there’s no point in pretending anymore and I’m just being honest here people. Ditto for Channing. Great people, but clearly neither of them have the trust of Nate McMillan. And I never want a player to be in that kind of situation, it’s just not healthy. Also, are their contributions really going to take us over the top? Sergio and this team don’t mix, it’s like strip clubs and fine dining. We don’t run to the point where Sergio can be his most effective. He can’t shoot the ball which in the half-court makes things tougher. It’s clear Nate doesn’t trust him enough and it’s also clear that when the time is right Jerryd Bayless will pass him up like *that*. We’ll miss the Sergio-to-Rudy alley oops though. Channing…not the kind of big man we need. We need someone who is going to beast, not get beasted. His ability to shoot the mid-range jumper is nice but on a team full of jump-shooters, sometimes you need a rebounder or a low-post operator. Bless his weird heart, Mr. Frye is neither of those.

(I can’t be the only one who wishes we still had Ike Diogu, can I?)

Love Muffin Ruffin and Cool Hand Shav….I wish I had all of your conversations on DVD.

What do you think?

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  • torridjoe

    I almost entirely agree, but I can’t let go of Nic. He’s 20, and really fits what we need–a strong defender/rebounder at the 3. My feeling is that either Martell can be the starter and provide the offense that Nic can’t (yet, IMO), or he can do Travis better than Travis while Nic starts.

    Everyone else doesn’t give us what we need as a primary feature–Frye needs to be a big Baby type because we have shooting forwards, Blake and Sergio need to be true points, Shav and Ruffin, well they’re frankly throwins at this point.

  • Matthew Kenagy

    You are not the only one who still thinks Ike Diogu is awesome. He was definitely a beast post, which we need.

    In order to get a beast post for next season, I’ll tell you who we need to trade: TRAVIS AND CHANNING.

    Travis, you’re a great guy, but quite frankly, you’re not very smart.

    Travis Outlaw takes the worst shots I’ve ever seen an NBA player shoot. He’s 6’9″ and has sick hops but he never goes to the basket! He always chucks up these awful 20-foot fadaway prayers that make me cringe. Batum and Webster would work perfectly together next season, sharing the small forward position. Good riddance, Travis.

    As for Channing, I fully agree: he’s a softy who doesn’t do the dirty work posts need to do.

    Travis and Channing’s crappy shots are wasted possessions that should be Brandon Roy driving to the hole. I think he’s going to be the MVP next year.

  • http://lifeondumars.com/ toasterhands

    Blake would be great as a backup point guard, he’s just not starting pg quality for a team to advance.

    Trading Outlaw and Frye would be smart. For certain teams Frye would be a perfect 2nd big off the bench because he can provide finesse points in a hurry, so he’ll be coveted in certain circles.

    Detroit would gladly take Outlaw I would have to believe. Prince for Outlaw? Ha, I don’t know how the salaries work out but it’s an interesting proposition IMO. I’ll write Joe a letter.

  • Storm

    Ive always thought that Frye would be a great fit in Golden State, and Sergio undoubtably would grin ear to ear for the entire plane trip to the bay area.
    Turiaf in my opinion is a perfect fit for the blazers and a switch would seem to make alot of sense for both teams.
    Getting a banger like Turiaf and keeping Outlaw would give us a ton of options for our front court rotation, and in my opinion would be the most dynamic and flexible frontcourts in the league. Turiaf could play alongside Oden, the vanilla gorilla, lamarcus, and outlaw.

    Another name to keep an eye on would be Leon Powe, BRoys counterpart in the pac-10. Along with glen davis, both are restricted free agents and while they seem to be neck and neck boston seems to favor the baby… leaving them very vulnerable to a backhanded P**t*hslap

    And although i detest the pf/c from North Carolina to the point im unwilling to actualy type his name, he would be a good fit with the 24th pick and capable of being the sort of role player we need in our back up 4.

    Getting a back up 4 of this calibur and mold would allow KP to devot the majority of resources to bringing in a bigger name at point or small forward (even though im MORE than convinced Martell is the answer at 3, and bayless is the perfect style of point gaurd to compliment Roy)

    But above all, dont trade St. Nic. The blazers are on a crash course with Lebron for the next 10 years, and Batum will need to be with with us if we want to avoid finals hangover after hangover for the next decade

  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    Couldn’t disagree more on the PF/C from NC. I’m guessing there’s 0 chance we draft him, anyways.

    Powe is out for the season and I doubt we give him a look. He’s going to be rehabbing for a long time.

    The forum folks might be on the right track with Brandon Bass.

  • http://ripcityproject.com Coup

    I’d also be very hesitant to give up Batum. We have a weird situation on our hands, as Outlaw, Frye and Sergio are our most tradeable players of who most think we’re willing to trade, but the only positions you would think we’d trade for we have promising young players at.

    Don’t you get the feeling Bayless is going to eat people alive at summer league?

  • Matthew Kenagy

    Bayless is definitely going to eat people alive in summer league. He’s tired of sitting on the bench for entire games and wants to become more involved in the rotation next season. He’s out to prove himself in summer league. I just hope he keeps his cool and doesn’t play with anger, then he’ll brick all of his shots, which he seems to do a lot anyway. I think he should stick to driving to the basket for lay-ups or dish-offs. That’s where he’s most comfortable, like Tony Parker. The only difference between the two: Bayless is going to better in a few seasons.

  • panfolk

    Wow… we have to get Oden and Bayless at fullspeed before we need to consider dire straights pushes toward building a championship team.

    In my opinion we need to keep 2/3 of the roster… that’s not blockbuster trade material you’re talking about. We have solid pieces to trade in Rodriguez and Outlaw. Both would prosper on a fast paced team.

    Back to the point we are solid with:

    Blake /Bayless
    Roy /Fernandez
    Webster /Batum
    Aldridge /
    Pryzbilla /Oden

    So my thought would be targeting Millsap in FA/trade and Darren Collison as a defensive minded point to stop the bleeding that Blake and Bayless (til he gets more experienced) cause on defense.

    That team would get us to the second round next year and the finals the year after. We don’t need to be trading away future allstars along with our cannon fodder to get old timers that’ll get us a championship or two when we could continue developing the players we have into a dynasty.

  • SJ

    panfolk, I feel you on most everything you said except for wanting Darren Collison. He peaked years ago, got sent back to school by Derrick Rose and then struggled this season. I’m not sure we need Darrell Armstrong v.2.

    Kidding. They just look alike. I still don’t want Collison or any PG for that matter. But that’s the luxury of where Portland’s at, a team that is still years away from HAVING to make a move. It’s neat and refreshing after needing to add pieces and get rid of pieces the past couple years.

  • panfolk

    SJ, it is entirely possible to draft and develop role players. I’ve not seen much college ball so I’ll admit I know squat when it comes to draft crops but I am a good critical reader and know my NBA pretty well. Darren Collison as an individual may not be what we need (I wouldn’t know) but he is accredited with the attributes we need in our future backup at point: defense and distribution. Bayless may be a marvelous scorer but until he learns to pass he will not get minutes. We need someone to distribute the ball while Blake is on the bench. Until he reaches his potential that won’t be Bayless’ gig. I don’t like the idea of forcing Roy into the PG spot, or of getting a ballhog point because Roy can distribute ok.

  • panfolk

    Storm, why does everyone hate Hansbrough? Is he a jerk? If so he’d be a hindrance to team chemistry which KP wouldn’t draft.

  • Matthew Kenagy

    Hey everyone! Travis Outlaw is the worst basketball player in the world!