Things that should make you feel better...

I know, I know, you wish Game 2 was today. It’s another day of speculating about adjustments and trying to get the stink of Saturday night out of our brains. If you moped around all day Sunday. That’s ok. But if you’re still mopey on Monday, the eve of Game 2, I gotta ask why? Yeah it was a rough loss but as franchise we have been through way worse than this. I’ll take this disappointment over the last 5 seasons with ease. Also, for those who were around in 03…the feeling of being down 0-3 and going to the Rose Garden for Game 4 was horrible. Definitely way worse than this. Didn’t you listen to Jay-Z? You gotta get…that…dirt off your shoulder. We gotta pull a Katherine McPhee and get over this (if anyone gets that reference..yeah). Here are some things that should make you feel better about Portland’s situation.

  • We’re in the playoffs. I know expectations are raised and what not…but honestly would you rather be down 0-1 in a best-of-7 series, or heading to Lottery-ville, watching these playoffs, thinking about what could have been and pondering ‘could James Harden work?’. Exactly, and yes that was a shoutout.
  • Eight teams are down 0-1. Three other teams are in the same exact situation as Portland, having lost home-court advantage. Unfortunate? Yes. End of the world? No. Riddle me this, would you rather be in Magic, Celtics or Spurs fans shoes right now? I’m not too sure you would. Think about it…Portland played arguably one of their worst games of the year while Houston played one of their best. On the flipside, San Antonio blew a 13-point lead, Orlando blew an 18-point lead and Boston saw a free throw rattle in and out and had to watch Tyrus Thomas hit jumpers. I will gladly take the blowout loss, much easier to recover from than those losses I described.
  • The Utah Jazz are getting demolished in ways we haven’t seen in a while. Always, always fun to see the Jazz go down…even if the Lakers win. I mean, thank goodness we aren’t the Utah Jazz or Detroit Pistons right now. Yikes. They are just in absolute dead-end situations. Again, I’d rather have to pull a Jesse Jackson and keep hope alive than be doomed to my fate.
  • Chris Andersen is not on the Blazers roster. That should make you feel better.
  • No matter what The Dream Shake tries to sell you, Houston cannot play much better than this. They can’t. And if they do well then hey….they just deserve it. But they can’t. So, boom.
  • Channing Frye is returning to the bench. So no more watching him taking jumpers and getting beasted in the post. No more wondering why he is even on the court. No more praying he will get off the court. That should make you feel better.
  • A completely different Blazer team should show up for Game 2. Sometimes in a fight you have to see your own blood before you open up a few cans of whoop-ass. Nobody makes us bleed our own blood. Nobody.
  • Houston still hasn’t gotten out of the first round since 1997, we still got that going for us. They are known to get tight. Maybe that will get you in a comfort zone?
  • The series is far from over.
  • It can’t get worse than Saturday night.

And if none of those things make you feel better…well…..last resort……watch this. I wanted to embed it but it was disabled (curse words) so off you go. If Bill Cosby trying to salsa and shimmying can’t perk you up then I don’t know what to tell you.

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