The Chicago Bulls have announced that Doug Collins is going to be their next head coach.

SJ: Well color me shocked. Didn’t he just said he had ‘no interest’ in coaching again. And that he wanted to spend time with his grandkids? Crazy what a team with the #1 pick will do to you. That and a competitive spirit but that didn’t matter. Collins’ reputation has always been that he is a good teacher with young talent. The Bulls have plenty of that so it’s a good hire in that respect. The question is does he still have that fire to coach? He looked pretty happy with the life he was leading but you could tell he still had that itch. Now he has the chance to scratch it with a pretty good team. ESPN wants to paint the picture that he is “Mr. Fix It” because his teams improve on their win totals. However let the truth be told in his 8 years as a head coach he only made the playoffs 5 times. Can’t really judge him from the first three years of his career I mean come on the guy had MJ dropping 30+. And a mean semi jheri-curl. I’m not quite sure he is the guy to lead them to the promised land. Actually allow me to correct that, I’m damn sure he’s not the guy to lead them to the promised land. He’d probably be the perfect assistant, but he’s the man so we’ll see what happens. I believe this is a short term solution just to get the Bulls back on their feet.

The NBA admitted that Brent Barry got fouled by Derek Fisher.

SJ: Thanks Stu Jackson for making me look like an idiot. Totally didn’t rant on that being a good no-call or anything. My credibility is bleeding right now. Now…I’m not exactly sure what the point of admitting this was. It changes nothing. I’m sure there are people around the nation who may be satisfied and believe the NBA is all about truth. I am glad this will shut obnoxious Laker fans up, anything that does that gets a thumbs up. But…if anything it’ll leave a nasty taste in the mouth of Spurs fans who will then complain and say that they got robbed. And trust me when I say this, Spurs fans are the most underrated unlikeable fans in the league. They seem all nice and humble but they love to complain about getting robbed and shafted and all that good stuff. I’m all for the NBA’s new deal where they admit things the next day like Chauncey’s three-pointer or flagrant fouls. However…maybe it’s just me but I think this could have waited. If anything it just makes the league look a little bad in my eyes. Little kids can admit they took a cookie from the cookie jar the day after. The NBA should probably hold off on admitting they botched a game of the conference finals.

Fines for flopping.

SJ: Coup will love this idea, I’m just not sure how this can be imposed fairly. I’m guessing you’re getting fined if you act like a soccer player…so I sure hope Manu and Raja have their bank accounts straight. I think it’s a good idea in theory we’ll just see how it will be executed, it seems pretty subjective to me. Kudos to the L for cracking down on floppers though. It’s about a year too late.

Rip Hamilton could be too hurt to play in Game 6 in Detroit.

SJ: I don’t buy this for one second! However for those of you who do…this would be terrible for the Pistons. You never know what you’re going to get from hobbled Chauncey, they don’t need a hobbled Rip on top of it. He’s been their horse in this series, playing incredible ball and for him to go down would really hurt the Pistons chances. Of course, Detroit lives for this kind of ‘underdog’ stuff so they might win by 20 without him. Who knows.

Chad Ford says: Joey Dorsey knows the Bulls are taking Michael Beasley and the Heat are taking Derrick Rose

SJ: That writes itself. There is no need for any ‘witty’ commentary from me on that one. It’s funny either way. Funny that Joey Dorsey of all people is breaking this story out. Or it’s funny that people are taking what Joey Dorsey says on this matter seriously. I’m laughing pretty hard right now. Joey freakin Dorsey?!?!

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