Neil Olshey’s five best decisions as Portland Trail Blazers General Manager

Portland Trail Blazers - Neil Olshey
Portland Trail Blazers - Neil Olshey /
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Drafting CJ McCollum with the 10th pick in the 2013 Draft

In a draft that was weak in the top ten but strong in the teens, Olshey came up trumps with the pick of CJ McCollum. As a small guard out of a small program, McCollum wasn’t a sure thing. But it was his character that, like Lillard, was a big part of why he was drafted.

Obviously McCollum was very skilled as well, but as a hard worker who was tiny in high school, he had the attitude that Olshey wanted when building this team. Winning most improved player in 2015/16, McCollum had one of the most dramatic upticks in production going from 6 points a game to 20 a game.

McCollum is one of the most skilled shooters, and scorers in the game now. As a rookie, and second year player at just 6 points a game, he tested the fans and Olshey’s patience. But he came through in his third season and is now arguably the best mid range shooter in the game not called Kevin Durant.

McCollum is also a clutch post-season performer, as evidenced by his heroics in last years second-round series against the Denver Nuggets.

Olshey rebuilt this team on the fly after trading and moving players throughout his time in charge, while still keeping the team relevant. McCollum is just another example of his ability to keep a small market team afloat.